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Head of Bairnsdale Campus

This week has been one of reflection. It began with a holiday for our students while teachers worked diligently on report writing. Student report writing provides an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate growth in our students, both personally and academically. For a teacher, the final report for the year often means the sad realisation that the cohort they have worked so closely with is moving on to a new beginning. At Gippsland Grammar, we are fortunate to be able to follow our students’ progression through to Year 12. 

Throughout the year, every teacher at Gippsland Grammar continues their learning by working in partnership on a Professional Learning Project (PLP). The PLP relates directly to the schools strategic plan in Academic Care. The intention is to build capacity in teachers and improve student outcomes. The collegial discussions necessary for the project’s success are invaluable. On Thursday evening we, as a staff, presented our projects, demonstrating John Hattie’s view that ‘collaborative expertise’ promotes collegiality and, as a result, improved practice. I personally thank each staff member for their commitment to the PLP process and, in particular, Penny Rankin for overseeing its implementation in her role as Learning Coach. 

The week concluded with further collegial learning as we welcomed and hosted St Anne’s staff on Friday for a Professional Learning day. The day provided a variety of learning opportunities centred on ‘Thinking about Thinking’. We reflected on our understanding on SOLO Taxonomy and where to take it next; we discussed the ‘8 Cultural Forces of Thinking’ (Ron Ritchhart, 2015) presented by Principal, David Baker; and we explored ‘Schoolbox’, a new Learning Management System. It was a very productive day and, once again, I thank all staff for their contribution.  

 The House Singing competition had a very tight finish with Cranswick Dargo winning by two points, ahead of Blundell Bogong. I was most impressed with the performances and the leadership of our Year 6 students. Thank you to those parents who supported the event; I’m sure you enjoyed it. That was the final House event for this year. The points are now being tallied to determine the winner of the House Shield for 2017, which will be presented at Fellowship on Friday next week. 

Our Twilight School next Wednesday will allow parent engagement in learning and provide the opportunity for our students to showcase their understanding. Thank you for your enthusiastic response to this event. The Parents and Friends of the Bairnsdale Campus are providing a BBQ at 5.30pm; we hope that many families will stay for this.  BBQ food and icy-poles will be provided, but please bring your own (non-alcoholic) drinks on the night. Below you will find a timetable for the event. It is our hope that families and guests will wander between the different learning spaces to develop a greater understanding of these exciting programs and learning opportunities. Please see the timetable and details below. 



Twilight School Timetable - Wednesday 29 November 2017 











(Perceptual Motor Program) 

Prep in the Hall 


Prep in the Library 



Prep in Banksia 


Back to class rooms to meet family 

Family BBQ 


Year 1 in Correa 



Year 1 in Kurrajong 


Year 1 in the Japanese room 


Year 2 in Acacia 



Year 2 in the Art room 


Year 2 in the Hall 


Readers Theatre 

Year 3/4 in Melaleuca 



Year 3 in Thinking Dome 




Year 3/4 in the Thinking Dome 



Year 4 in the Hall 



Year 5 in Grevillea 


Year 5 in the Japanese room 



Year 5 in Kurrajong 

Big Write 

Year 6 in Blackwood 


Genius Time 

Year 6 in the Library 


Year 6 in the Art room 


Next week the Year 5 and 6 students who play Bridge will be competing in an interschool tournament at the Bairnsdale Bridge Club. While I was very much looking forward to accompanying the students on this occasion, I will be required elsewhere, so will hand the pleasure of this task to Ms Hunter and Mrs Jefferis.  I wish our team a morning of excellent competition. 

Many important decisions are made at this time of the year as we plan for the year to come; class structure, teacher allocation and student allocation – all must be considered carefully. So it is with great pleasure that I welcome a new member of staff, Ms Charlotte Cheadle, as a classroom teacher. Charlotte has taught for three years in NSW at Sapphire Coast Grammar and is moving to the area with her partner for work commitments. Charlotte will be here next Wednesday to meet with the staff, remaining here for the Twilight School. Mrs Lisa Hudson will be taking leave for 2018 and we wish her well and thank her for her work as our Physical Education Specialist this year.  

Wishing you all a lovely weekend; I look forward to seeing you at the Twilight School. 


Virginia Evans