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Head of Garnsey Campus

With only eighteen days of classes left until they break for study and final examinations, our Year 12s have been completing the final school-based assessments of their VCE this week and these will be completed next week. It’s both an exciting and nervous time for them and hence the break at the end of next week can’t come soon enough. We are all hoping for a little Spring sunshine during the September break; the impact of the long cold Winter on the health of students and staff can’t be underestimated.  


This week, we have spent time discussing our expectations for the Year 12’s last weeks and I am confident that we will be able to ensure a terrific celebration of what remains a fine achievement – to complete Year 12. I am grateful that the Year 12 students have been supportive of the School’s move away from the release of balloons as a symbol of their end of schooling, instead opting for activities that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The decision has been made by the School to protect the surrounding farmland and waterways in particular.  


Year 8 Medieval Day 

Year 8 students and staff participated with enthusiasm in Medieval Day on Tuesday 12 September. This day has traditionally been a highlight of the Year 8’s program, giving them an opportunity to reflect on their learning in History, while participating in a range of different activities. All the activities were based around themes related to the Medieval World. The student costumes were colourful, creative and most impressive. Following a visit to St Paul’s Cathedral in the morning, students participated in a ‘Village Faire’ over lunch, where they had an opportunity to play games with a ‘medieval twist’, including stocks, jousting and a Tug of War competition. Our Year 8 LinC students provided a delicious medieval inspired soup for the year level to enjoy at lunchtime. After lunch, all students took part in a concert of drama, music, dance, a fashion parade and a dramatization of the ‘Lady of Shallot’. It was a terrific day and I thank staff for supporting students in their preparation and enjoyment of it.  

Year 7 Big Day Out 

For the Year 7s, the Big Day Out at Licola Wilderness Village on Wednesday was an introduction to our Outdoor Education program. Students participated in activities such as the low and high ropes courses, the leap of faith, initiative games, a giant swing, an obstacle course and more. Despite cold and wet weather, the students were enthusiastic and worked really well together as they rotated through activities. On return to School, the students enjoyed a barbecue before being joined by their parents for the Year 7 Outdoor Education Information Night run by Acting Head of Outdoor Education, Mr Shamis Law. I thank parents for their support of this evening, which outlined the key aims of the program as well as details regarding preparation and equipment.  


Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod success 

Congratulations to our major Music ensembles for their excellent performance at the Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod last week. The final results were: 

Section 309 Open Vocal Group: Equal 3rd, Schoir 

Section 545 Secondary Students Concert Band: 1st place, Percy Code Concert Band. 

Section 543 Open Orchestral Ensemble Orchestra: 1st place, Sinfonietta. 

Section 546 Open Jazz/Improvisation Stage Band: Senior Jazz Band.