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Head of Garnsey Campus

Wellness Week 2018 

Wellness Week celebrates the many things that contribute to our wellbeing.


Many students have engaged in mindfulness moments in their classes. They have tried some new physical activities such as Tae Kwon Do; made contributions to collaborative projects such as the Champions for Change mural in Blackwood Court and the making of paper cranes for an art installation; made contributions to the Cathedral Pantry Appeal; raised money through a casual dress day; engaged in some random acts of kindness; laughed throughout the House plays; cheered on staff and students in a challenge netball game and enjoyed the delicious free fruity Friday gifts from Prefects. I hope students will go into these well-deserved holidays feeling empowered to take responsibility for their wellbeing. 


House Drama 

More than 90 students were involved in the House Drama Festival held on Thursday this week and performed again on Thursday night in Garnsey Hall in front of friends and family. Each performance reflected commitment and collaboration. Written, directed, designed, produced and performed by students, the plays were great fun, thought provoking and entertaining. Each script was required to use the prompt that ‘great ideas can change history’ and there was great diversity in the scripts. I thank all the staff, especially, Mrs Christina Kyriakou and House Co-ordinators, for their support for students including supervision of rehearsals, and congratulate all students on their performance and contribution to this important House event.   


Best Lead Male Actor: Tom Stewart (Tisdall Hotham) 

Best Lead Female Actor: Dakoda Smith (Blundell Bogong) 

Best Supporting Male Actor: Flynn Davis (Blundell Bogong) 

Best Supporting Female Actor: Kali Irvine-Nagle (Tisdall Hotham) 

Best Choreography: Flynn Davis (Blundell Bogong) 

Best Cameo Performance: Tyson Whelan (Cranswick Dargo) 

Best Technical Crew: Wellington Binks 

Best Design: Harley Kewish (Cranswick Dargo) 

Best Original Script: Tisdall Hotham 

Best Director: Jack Boyd (Cranswick Dargo) 

Overall results 2018: 

First: Cranswick Dargo 

Equal Second: Wellington Binks and Blundell Bogong 

Fourth: Tisdall Hotham