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Head of Garnsey Campus

School Uniform …is ours contemporary and inclusive? Does this matter to key stakeholders?


There is no doubt that Gippsland Grammar students look smart, represent the School with pride and have a sense of connection when they wear our uniform. The School uniform identifies members of our School. It assists in creating an atmosphere of unity, pride and loyalty. All students enter class as equals as far as image and dress are concerned; their individuality comes from their attitude, character, spirit and involvement. Students should, and mostly do, wear it proudly and well, realising that at all times they are ambassadors of Gippsland Grammar.


With this in mind, it is important and timely to reflect on whether our uniform is contemporary and inclusive. To this end, we have decided to conduct a review of the uniform to gain some further insight into the views of our key stakeholders. The purpose of our review is to determine whether our uniform is still meeting its purpose, and whether adjustments to support comfort and equity are considered important by those in our community – students, parents and staff. We are not proposing a major change to our current uniform in terms of style or colour; we understand that major change has cost implications for families, but we could explore optional additions to the uniform and feel that it is important to consider these options.


Next week, all families will receive an email with a link to a short survey, which includes space for additional comments. I encourage all our families to contribute their thoughts, which I am sure will be diverse. The survey will only remain open for two weeks, so please look for it on Monday and let us know what you think. Students will also have a chance to provide feedback over the next two weeks and will receive information about this soon.