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Science Department

As we move towards the end of Term 2, the Science department staff and students have been working together to set the foundations for academic success. Staff have been looking carefully at their planning for lessons and, where possible, incorporating ‘Thinking Routines’ into their teaching. These routines follow a simple structure and are designed to promote the development of better thinking and more thoughtful students. If used over and over again, they become a part of the culture of the classroom. 


Students have also been working diligently towards a comprehension of the major concepts being covered. For students in Year 10 and 11 this will culminate in a series of exams over the next few weeks and we look forward to measuring the understanding shown and using the results as a springboard for the second half of the year.


Outside of these exams, VCE Science staff and students have been very busy as recent changes in the curriculum for Units 1 to 4 subjects has led to a stronger focus on individual inquiry and development of a practical understanding of the Scientific Method. Major assessment pieces for each Science subject is the production of research posters. Some high quality presentations have already been submitted, and all students will benefit from the experience as the skills gained are essential for success at a tertiary level.


The remainder of the year levels have also been very productive with some excellent science being done across the School. Our Year 7 students have been busy mastering the equipment used in the laboratory, and have spent most of Term 2 learning to categorise and then separate mixtures. The focus at the start of next semester will be astronomy and we encourage all students and parents to spend a few minutes enjoying the night skies over the winter. Year 8 students have been exploring the formation of rocks in the Geology unit and will move onto a section of the course linked to cells at the start of Semester 2. In Year 9 the focus has been on Ecology and Chemistry which leads the students into a topic that explores radioactivity. The Year 10 students have spent the last semester studying both Chemistry and Genetics, and will compete the final Semester 1 topic of Motion before the exams begin.


Mr Michael Howard
Head of Science