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Head of St Anne's Campus

Practise Makes Progress 

Welcome back to Term 4! The school year is flying along and we have another term filled with learning, key events and much more. Some important dates coming up to be aware of: Twilight Soccer begins 16 October, Year 6 Camp 17 October, Regional Athletics 17 October, Spring Concert 26 October. Tuckshop will be closed on 20 October with a sausage sizzle at lunchtime instead. Sausages will be $2 each.  


Bike Education 

This week there was a special moment that reiterated why I love being a teacher. During our Bike Education session for the Years 3 and 4 students, one student learnt how to ride without training wheels. His elation and excitement was evident. The adults around him at the time were just as excited.  


As primary school teachers, we are privileged to be a part of these ‘lightbulb’ moments. Many of these moments are ‘firsts’ for students, such as reading, spelling a difficult word, understanding addition or multiplication. The young student who rode his bike for the first time during our Bike Education session shared his words of wisdom after it happened. He said something along the lines of ‘It’s not practise makes perfect, its practise makes progress.’ I could not agree with him more. 


Bike Education has been offered to students from Years 3 to 6 this year. Road safety, riding skills and a bike ride through the wetlands to the Swing Bridge and back were highlights. We are investigating making Bike Education a regular event each year. 


Year 12 Fellowship 

This morning we were delighted to welcome back those Year 12 students from Garnsey Campus who were students of St Anne’s in their junior years. We are incredibly proud of our School and today we acknowledge our Year 12 students and all that they have achieved during their time here. Our Fellowship focus was on the impact St Anne’s has had on our Year 12 students’ development, and celebrating their social, emotional, spiritual and academic growth over the years. I would like to personally remind our Year 12 students that they will always be part of the St Anne’s and Gippsland Grammar community, long after they have left school. 



I would like to officially welcome Billy Stables to our School community, who has joined Kingsford-Smith in Year 3. Billy was presented with his St Anne’s Badge at Fellowship this morning. We also welcome back Mrs Katie Germaine from Parental Leave and Mrs Julie Jago and Ms Lisa Goode from Long Service Leave. 


2018 and Beyond 

We have already started our strategic planning for 2018. As many of you know, we have been advertising for a new Classroom teacher, Deputy Head of Campus, Pathways Coordinator and Physical Education teacher. We are close to announcing the successful applicants and I look forward to sharing this news with our School community shortly.  

Next year we will have two classes in each of Prep to Year 6. This has been a long term goal of Gippsland Grammar. We will keep class numbers capped and start waiting lists if required.  

Early next year will see the beginning of building our new contemporary Year 3-4 Learning Centre. We are hopeful that the building will be completed towards the end of 2018. Exciting times ahead.  


Have a great weekend. 

Jie Van Berkel