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Head of St Anne's Campus

We began this morning with a wonderful Fellowship from Year 6 Goolagong, our first classroom Fellowship for the year. The focus was the endless opportunities we have to start over again. The beginning of the year tends to be the time when we attempt to turn over a new leaf, making resolutions to make fresh starts. Our resolution might be to work harder at school, watch less TV, to keep our bedroom tidy or to do more exercise. 


New starts are not easy. The very name suggests that there is something to put right or to improve, some area in which we may have failed before. At first we might have a lot of enthusiasm and be encouraged by small successes. However, as time goes on, we might forget and fail so that, before we know it, we have given up. We have failed to achieve out hopes, which can often lead us to think that it’s all doom and gloom. Trying to make a new start is always worth it; we should remember that there is no limit to the number new starts that we can have!


Swimming Carnival

Considering how hot summer has been, we all expected warmer conditions for our St Anne’s House Swimming Carnival. Even though this was not the case, our students braved the coller temperatures and demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship and respect for one another. Mrs Amy Laverty and Mrs Kate O’Toole, with support from our teachers, organised and ran another fantastic whole campus sports event. A big thank you to our wonderful swimming captains, Ben Canfield and Sophie Brown. Thank you to parents, grandparents and friends who volunteered in a variety of roles on the day. My highlights include the students cheering on a swimmer who was struggling; and a student who surprised even himself by coming second in his race. Students and teachers take the House Competition seriously, with Wellington Binks winning this year’s Swimming Carnival. Blundel Bogong came second, Cranswick Dargo third and Tisdall Hotham fourth. 


Our Age Champions was closely contested again this year with the following students winning their age group:


U/12 Boys: Arki Vardy

U/12 Girls: Sophie Brown

U/11 Boys: Jack Crowe

U/11 Girls: Georgia Anderson

U/10 Boys: Jonah Brown

U/10 Girls: Arabel Williams

U/9 Boys: Zayden Burton

U/9 Girls: Lily Canfield


Year 6 Leaders

Earlier this week, our Year 6 students found out their Leadership positions for 2018. At St Anne’s, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our students to develop their leadership skills. This includes students being part of our Student Representative Council, Green Team, our Buddies Program, guest speakers and more. In Year 6, students have the opportunity to apply for a range of leadership roles such as Swimming Captains and Library Monitors. We will be celebrating our Year 6 Captains and Monitors for 2018 at next week’s Fellowship.


Henry Storer

Art Monitor

Jessica Norman

Art Monitor

Chole Doumas

Art Monitor

Isobel Goss

Art Monitor

Abby Board

Athletics Captain

Tom Gilham

Athletics Captain

Rohanna Mills

Band Captain

Reggie Cannon

Blundell Bogong House Captain

Arki Vardy

Blundell Bogong House Vice Captain

Nicholas Missen

Campus Captain

Zara Tacey

Campus Captain

Andrew Crawford

Choir Captain

Zahra Hanratty

Choir Captain

Debbie Husodo

Cranswick Dargo House Captain

Charlie New

Cranswick Dargo House Vice Captain

Sen Goold

Cross Country Captain

Trae Samawi

Cross Country Captain

Josh Vanderveen

Japanese Captain

Jackson Kerry

Japanese Captain

Eden Levchenko

Library Monitor

Thomas Everett

Library Monitor

Madi Nicholas

Library Monitor

Luca Covino

Library Monitor

Alex Charile

Library Monitor

Archer Robinson

Music Captain

Anais Misseos

Music Captain

Sophie McLeod

Service Captain

Abigail Crozier

Service Captain

Finn Carpenter

Service Captain

Lauren Parton

Service Captain

Emma Coleman

Service Captain

Rose Llewellyn

Service Captain

Ashan Keppitipola

Service Captain

Ben Canfield

Swimming Captain

Sophie Brown

Swimming Captain

Harry Lancaster

Tisdall Hotham House Captain

Maggie Westman

Tisdall Hotham House Vice Captain

Georgia Anderson

Wellington Binks House Captain

Jayde Hall

Wellington Binks House Vice Captain


Parent Teacher Interviews

Our parents and teachers will have the opportunity on Monday 26 (Year 4 Freeman only), Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 February to meet in a more formal setting to discuss your child’s social, emotion and academic progress. Over the past few weeks, our teachers have been working hard with students to build positive relationships, identify where their learning needs are and to begin the learning process. Having open, honest communication between our students, parents and teachers is important to us. Letters will be sent home next week with further information on booking interview times.


Equestrian – Will Murray

This year Will Murray will be representing Gippsland Grammar by competing at the ‘VEIS’ Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series. Round One will be held on Friday the 18 February at Ayr Hill. Will hopes to again qualify for the Victorian Interschool Team and represent Gippsland Grammar at the Nationals to be held in Werribee towards the end of the year. We wish Will all the best with his show jumping this year.


The Science Discovery Dome

On Tuesday we went to the Science Discovery Dome. In there we got to look at how the Sun, Earth, and Moon moved around the solar system. We got to see how the Sun was lower in the sky in winter and higher in summer. I really enjoyed all the diagrams that showed where the planets were even though we can’t see them in the sky at day time. I also liked when they showed how the North Pole was in sunlight in summer and dark in winter. That means there is sunlight for six months! I think it was a great experience and you will probably like it too.

By Josiah Levchenko


Gippsland Grammar Represented At Young Music Society Summer Music Camp

Five Gippsland Grammar students from across the three Campuses attended The Young Music Society Summer Music School from Monday 8 January to Friday 19 January 2018 at Canberra Girls Grammar under the direction of leading Australian-International Composer and Conductor, Stephen Leek.


The YMS Summer Music School is a two week, non-residential, music school which caters for up to 400 students run annually for children between 5 and 18 years proudly supported by The Music Academy at the Canberra Girls Grammar School in 2018. It includes the Junior Music Program (K-Year 1), Primary Music Program (Year 2-4), Senior Music Program (Year 5-12), Choral Stream Program (12 years of age and older) and the Advanced Music Program (14 years of age and over).


Caroline Martin of the St Anne’s Campus participated in the Primary Music Program providing her with the opportunity to experience music concepts, learn the basics of a new instrument and be engaged in a range of diverse musical activities. Jessica Martin and Jessica Norman from St Anne’s Campus and Eva Harasymiw from Bairnsdale Campus participated in the Senior Music Program. Not only did they further develop their skills by playing their primary instruments in the Concert Band, Cool Jazz Ensemble and Highly-Strung Guitar Ensemble but also experienced playing new instruments such as the Clarinet, Trombone and Trumpet. Other electives chosen were ‘Song Writing’, ‘Music with Friends”, ‘Music Theatre Games’ and ‘Music and Film’. Amelia Norman from Garnsey Campus participated in the Choral Stream Program under the direction of Dan Walker, choral composer, singer and conductor.


The girls thoroughly enjoyed their experiences and are looking forward to celebrating the 50th year of The Young Music Society in 2019 by attending the Summer Music Camp in Canberra next January.


Jie Van Berkel