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Head of St Anne's Campus

This morning we officially farewelled Mrs Merridy Ingrouille in a warm and, at times, emotional Fellowship. Merridy has had a huge impact on our students, parents, teachers and the culture of St Anne’s. Right up until her last days of teaching last year, Merridy remained passionate about her students, teaching and learning. Some interesting facts about Merridy include; she started working at Gippsland Grammar on 24 January 2003, has the most beautiful handwriting, has been our Literacy Co-ordinator and Team Leader, she has two sons, William and Richard and when she applied for the role at St Anne’s they were aged 8 and 7. On behalf of Gippsland Grammar, I would like to thank Merridy for her amazing contribution to our school and wish her all the best for her future adventures.


Musical - Aladdin

We are very excited about our up and coming School Musical Aladdin JR. Thank you to the students who auditioned for the lead roles. Our thorough audition process included a panel reviewing each individual performance, using a selection criteria and feedback to students who missed out. The amount of encouragement and support families provided for the students was outstanding. There is a lot that needs to happen to make our musical the best it can be. Key areas include costumes, makeup, backstage and props which need to be organised. We are asking for parents and friends who are enthusiastic about helping out to contact Katie Germaine via her email katie.germaine@gippslandgs.vic.edu.au


Main Cast:


Lachlan Davine


Zara Tacey


Sophie McLeod


Andrew Crawford

Magic Carpet

Finn Carpenter


Ben Canfield


Zahra Hanratty


Debbie Husodo


Jessica Norman

Princess Jasmine

Indiana Hicks


Teddy Ripper


Abby Crozier


Clean Up Australia Day

Sustainability has, and will continue, to play a large part in what we do at St Anne’s. We collect our food scraps to feed our worm farms, collect water from under our drink taps to put on our gardens, promote rubbish free lunches and much more. Today, all classes have participated in ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ initiatives. Our older students headed out to surrounding areas, such as the Port of Sale, to collect rubbish in our local environment. Our younger students focused on our school grounds. Thank you to our students, teachers and parents who assisted with our efforts today.


Swimming Results

Congratulations to the St Anne’s Swimming team on their outstanding results at this week’s District Swimming Carnival at the Sale Aquatic Centre. We are very proud of not only our results, but for the way our students followed our CLERR values while representing our school. I have heard many positive comments from other schools about our positive sportsmanship and effort. Thank you to Mrs Kate O’Toole, parent helpers and our Swimming Captains, Sophie Brown and Ben Canfield for their leadership on the day. Below is Kate’s report on the day with more detail.


On Tuesday the 27 February, 25 students represented St Anne’s at the Sale and District Swimming Carnival.  These students were selected after a very successful Campus House carnival. All of our students participated very enthusiastically and our results were indicative of this.  From the eight relays teams that we entered, five placed first and the other three placed second.  Individually we also had great results.  Ariki Vardy was awarded the Under 12/13 Boy’s Age Champion after placing first in all of his events.  Jack Crowe was awarded the Under 11 Boys Age Champion after also placing first in all of his events.  The combined results of all students meant that Gippsland Grammar took home the first place shield for the overall carnival. Our fantastic results also mean that all of our students will progress to the next round at the Wellington Division Swimming Carnival on the 6th March at Sale outdoor pool. A big thank you is extended to our parent helpers and our swimming captains – Sophie and Ben – for their help and leadership.  Well Done


STAGGFAIR - Sunday 18 March

Many people have been busy behind the scenes organising stalls, amusement rides and much more. STAGGFAIR does provide Gippsland Grammar with an opportunity to fundraise for a range of school initiatives; However, the key focus is to bring our community together; to have fun; to enjoy each other’s company. In previous newsletters and through class representatives, we have included what each year level’s stall will be and who is co-ordinating them. If you can assist with time and/or donations towards your child’s stall, please contact the relevant parent.



Interschool Equestrian Challenge

On Wednesday 21 February, a number of students from St Anne’s Campus competed in the Interschool Equestrian Challenge which was held in Sale.  Each rider competed in six events which contributed to the overall team scores.


Champion - Catholic College Sale (98 pts)

Reserve- Gippsland Grammar 2 (72.5pts) Xanthe Wade, Zara Missen, Harry Gault and Priyanka Joshi

3rd Place - St Michael's Primary School, Heyfield (71 pts)

4th Place - Gippsland Grammar 1 (69pts) Emily Dyer, Alice Murray, Milla Bennett and Hilary Nancarrow

5th Place - St Paul's Anglican Grammar (63pts)

6th Place - Sale College/St Gabriel's Primary School (61pts)


Individual Year Level Champions and Reserves from Gippsland Grammar included:


Grade 3

Champion - Xanthe Wade, Gippsland Grammar

Reserve - Zara Missen, Gippsland Grammar


Year 8

Champion - Milla Bennett, Gippsland Grammar

Reserve - Alice Murray, Gippsland Grammar


Year 11

Champion - Hanna Lamb, Catholic College Sale; Reserve - Priyanka Joshi, Gippsland Grammar.


Have a great weekend.

Jie Van Berkel