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Head of St Anne's Campus

I am frequently amazed with the thinking and learning our students demonstrate. This was highlighted again this week during my weekly F.I.E lesson with our Year 3 students. Our learning focus was on what to do when we have a Fixed Mindset. I shared how I am Fixed Mindset when it comes to my passion, surfing. When surfing, I often take a less challenging wave and I do not respond well to feedback from my surfing buddies. I shared this with my students. At the end of the lesson, a kind-hearted and thoughtful student handed me a post-it note that read ‘Keep trying, never give up. Keep surfing.’ This meant a lot to me. The language we use is a powerful tool to changing our actions. I have turned the post-it note into my computer screensaver to remind me of this.


House Music Competition

This morning our students competed in our House Singing Competition. Our judges for the competition were Gippsland Grammar Music Director Mr Goss, Singing Teacher and Choral Conductor Mrs Candy and leader of our Year 2 Strings Program, Miss Evans. This was again a closely contested House competition with the winner being Cranswick Dargo, followed by Tisdall Hotham, Wellington Binks and Blundell Bogong. We also officially announced our musical for the year, Aladdin Junior, with a performance of ‘A Whole New World.’


International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day for yesterday to all women in our school community. I am surrounded by strong, independent women; from my wife, mum, sisters, people I work with and women in our wider school community. This quote by International Women’s Development Agency sums it up best: ‘Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.’


STAGGFAIR - Sunday 18 March

There is a real buzz around our upcoming STAGGFAIR on Sunday 18 March. Many people have been busy behind the scenes organising stalls, amusement rides and much more. In 2018 we will be starting the day’s festivities with a Dye Hard Fun Run for the very first time. We will be showcasing our School with music from all campuses, including the St Anne’s Singers and there will be food stalls, cakes, lucky cups, rides, handcrafts, books, raffles, spinning wheels, fresh produce and fun for the whole family. To take full advantage of the amusement rides on offer, people can purchase a wristband for unlimited rides at STAGGFAIR. These are available from Reception at all three campuses for $25. They will be available on the day for a cost of $30. Rides include: Super Jumping Castle, Cup and Saucer, The Extreme, Zorb Balls, Coconut Climbing Wall, Animal Nursery and Challenge Laser Skirmish.


Japan Trip 2019 Meeting

Gippsland Grammar’s eighth Junior Japan Trip is proposed to take place during Term 1 holidays, Saturday 6 April to Monday 14 April 2019. This is an optional excursion offered to those students at both Junior Campuses who will be in Years 5 and 6 in 2019. This trip will be organised by Mrs Tomomi Wynne. An information evening will be held in the Library at the St Anne’s Campus on Wednesday 14 March at 3.45pm. Interested students and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend.


THRASS Parent Information Session

Our THRASS information session for parents will be on Thursday 15 March at 9.00am in the Lorna Sparrow Hall. This is an ideal opportunity to learn more about THRASS. It is the method being used across our School and for parents who actively help their children with their reading and spelling it would be very beneficial to attend as the approach is probably very different to the way in which you were taught.


Grandparents & Special Friends’ Fellowship

Our Grandparents and Special Friends’ Fellowship is the biggest day on our Fellowship calendar. We often have people travelling from interstate, locally and amazingly from overseas. We will be celebrating this special Fellowship next Friday 16 March to help celebrate the Grandparents and Special Friends that play a significant role in our lives.


Just a friendly reminder that this coming Monday, 12 March, is Labour Day and there will be no school.


Enjoy the long weekend.


Jie Van Berkel