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Head of St Anne's Campus

Chisholm presented a wonderful Fellowship this morning, with a particular focus on one of our CLERR values - compassion. The students spoke about Mrs Caroline Chisholm who played a key role in improving the life of women and children in the 1800’s, in Australia and across the world. Cooper Beckman played a wonderful processional and Rev Rich shared his thoughts on the importance of demonstrating compassion.

Our weekly Fellowships provide a valuable opportunity for our students to perform, speak in public, share their learning, pray and much more. Fellowships also enhance our School community. I invite all members of our School community, past and present, to join us for Fellowship on Friday mornings.  


Prep 2019

Do you have a child who will begin Prep in 2019? The Gippsland Grammar Prep program takes a holistic approach to learning, social and emotional development. Feedback from our past Prep parents is that the transition from our Early Learning Centre to Prep is a seamless and extremely positive transition. Our Prep teachers are learning experts, who collaborate with parents to help our new students.

Prep interviews for 2019 begin next week. We are aware that some younger siblings of current students are yet to enrol. Please do not leave it until the last minute to submit your paperwork, as numbers are filling quickly. If you know of anyone that is keen to become a part of our school community, please ask them to contact Ann Young on 5143 7155 as soon as possible.


Book Club

We are seeking a parent to take over our Scholastic Book Club. Most recently, this has been organised by Vicki McLeod, whose daughter Sophie finishes at St Anne’s at the end of the year. Vicki is more than happy to take you through the process, so if you are interested in coordinating this program, please let Ann Young know.


Brainstorm Productions

On Wednesday this week, Brainstorm Productions performed a whole school incursion focused on Friendship and Cyber safety. All students from Prep to Year 6 enjoyed an engaging performance, with a key message around how real friends behave. The performance stressed that being kind, caring and helpful is important. It also highlighted that we need to be responsible for our own behaviour and that real friends say ‘sorry’ and help when things go wrong.


Mother’s Day Fellowship and Afternoon Tea

I invite all of our Mothers, Grandmothers and Friends to our Mother’s Day Fellowship on Friday 11 May at 2.00pm in Lorna Sparrow Hall, with a special Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea to follow. This will be in lieu of our usual 9.00am Fellowship.


New Year 3/4 Learning Centre - Update

Each week I aim to give an update on our new Year 3/4 Learning Centre. This week the surveyors began plotting out the building. The backhoes were then brought in to level and prepare the site for the next phase. If you have the opportunity, please drive past our campus via McMillan Street to see for yourselves.


Compliance Day – Friday 24 August

A reminder to our school parents that our Student Free Compliance Day is on Friday 24 August. This day allows all teachers and staff to complete First Aid, Anaphylaxis and CPR training to keep our students safer at school.


Green Team

This term Mrs Hulls is having a break from the Green Team to prepare for the musical. Mrs Jago is organising the composting and the ‘nude food’ program. We continue to encourage all families to try to eliminate all wrappers and rubbish from school lunches, particularly on our nude food challenge day (Friday).

Nude food is an initiative to discourage the purchase of food products that come in excessive packaging.  Avoiding heavily processed foods (that may be high in sugar, fat, salt and other hidden ‘nasties’) and incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, dips, yoghurts etc makes for a school lunch that is more nutritious, avoids excessive non-recyclable rubbish and saves money. Involving your child in making their lunch and buying food for lunch boxes is also a great way to encourage them towards nutritious choices.

The Green Team have been busily helping Mrs Burgess with soil PH testing and weeding in our garden, as well as applying fertilizer and compost to improve the soil. The rosemary was pruned by eager helpers with secateurs and donated to Mrs Canfield for the Anzac Day service. This week the team planted kale, cabbages, broccoli and garlic. Next week will see us lifting and dividing the strawberry plants and planting some seeds donated by a family. As we work, the children make observations about the natural world and express their curiosity. They were genuinely surprised to see how dry the soil was, even after watering, which led to some important conversations about low rainfall and water conservation. We have many projects planned for the weeks ahead.


Camp Australia – After School Care

This week we are celebrating Mother’s day making gifts and cards for our mothers. The children have been engaged in sensory play, playing with coloured sand and using this sand pictures of what they did on their holiday.

 There is a Pupil free day on the Friday 1 June 2018 and Camp Australia is offering a full day program from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. All children attending need to be enrolled before the day. Enrolment and bookings for this day can be made now at www.campaustralia.com.au or by phoning 1300 105 343. 

Parents, please call or text on 0452 247 955 if you have a late change to your bookings e.g. your child is sick, caught the bus or has been picked up early and won’t be attending the afternoon session. You also need to contact Customer Service on 1300 105 343 to avoid an extra fee. Your child or children’s safety is our number one concern and we need to know that your child or children are safe.


Please feel free to come and check out our service, we are in the library daily from 3:15 to 6:00pm.

Kelly and Mary


Enjoy your weekend,

Jie Van Berkel