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Head of St Anne's Campus

At Gippsland Grammar, we provide a range of opportunities for our students to develop and showcase their learning and talents. This week has been a prime example of this.

This morning our Year 3 Tasman students led our weekly Fellowship. We love providing opportunities for our students to speak in public, which is an important life skill. Thank you to Mrs Linda Vale and all the students in Tasman for organising today’s Fellowship.


Some of our students in our Aladdin Jr Musical performed ‘One Jump’ at this morning’s Fellowship. This provided a great snapshot for our school audience on what our musical is going to be like next week. If you do not already have your tickets to Aladdin, I urge you to contact The Wedge to purchase the last remaining tickets.


Sale Eisteddfod

A range of students from Year 2 to Year 6 performed at this week’s Sale Eisteddfod. Our Year 2 Strings, St Anne’s Singers, Junior Choir, Dulcie Holland Concert Band and the St Anne’s Concert Band all performed wonderfully. I would like to personally thank Mrs Katie Germaine, Mrs Ellen Condron, Miss Laura Evans, Miss Katrina Chilcott, Mr Bradley Cruickshank, Mrs Alison Dunn and Mrs Rosemary Iversen. Our Instrumental teachers and Music Program play a huge part in the culture at Gippsland Grammar. The teaching of music begins in our ELC and continues right through to Year 12. Our Year 2 students learn a string instrument as part of our Music curriculum; Year 4 learn a band instrument, which builds up to our Concert Band in Years 5 and 6. This sits beside our Instrumental Program, where individual students learn an instrument with the guidance of our skilled Instrumental teachers.


Winter Sports

As I finalise this week’s newsletter, our Year 5 and Year 6 students have headed off to our District Winter Sports. This is a highlight for many of our students. We have students representing the school in football, netball, soccer and t-ball across a number of locations. I know that our students will compete with grit and sportsmanship, while having fun.


Aladdin Jr

Our students and teachers are looking forwards to presenting our version of Aladdin Jr this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Tickets can be purchased at The Wedge or via their website www.thewedge.com.au. Our rehearsals are coming together, with some fine tuning happening between now and opening night.


Prep 2019

If you know of anyone that is keen to become a part of our school community, please ask them to connect Ann Young at our front office on 5143 7155. We run an amazing Prep program that focuses on a holistic approach to learning, social and emotional development.


New 3/4 Learning Centre - Update

This week work has continued on establishing the foundations for our new 3/4 Learning Centre. The amount of action, machinery and people onsite has increased, to the excitement of our students. We are all looking forward to the next stage of construction.


Report Writing Day – Friday 1 June

Camp Australia is offering a full day program from 8:00am to 6:00pm. All children attending need to be enrolled before the day. Enrolment and bookings for this day can be made at www.campaustralia.com.au or by phone on 1300 105 343.  Rolls close today.




Enjoy your weekend,

Jie Van Berkel