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Head of St Anne's Campus

Learning About Learning

For a few years now, Gippsland Grammar has had a strong focus on making our students’ learning and thinking more visible. If you walk into any classroom you will see a lesson’s learning intention, or the ‘big picture’, prominently displayed. The lesson’s success criteria, or what the students need to do to demonstrate they have reached the learning intention, is also on show. Our success criteria moves from surface to deep learning. This is visible in classrooms through highlighting the surface level verbs yellow and deep level verbs green. I have included an example for a maths lesson below to best illustrate what I am referring to.


Learning Intention:

To understand patterns

Success Criteria:

I can identify patterns

I can describe patterns

I can create patterns

I can explain patterns


Teachers across Gippsland Grammar have been collaborating with experts from Melbourne University to explicitly unpack and engage our students in the learning process. On Tuesday afternoon, teachers from St Anne’s took part in professional learning with Luke Mandouit and Sophie Murphy, educational researchers from Melbourne University. We consolidated our understandings of learning intentions and success criteria, while investigating evidence-based high impact teaching strategies. We know that this is going to have a positive impact on our students’ learning. Next time you are walking around St Anne’s, I encourage you to take some time observe our efforts to make learning visible.


Tournament of Minds

Since the beginning of the school year, Ms Lisa Goode has run our very popular Creative Thinking sessions. However, as the regional Tournament of Minds Competition draws closer, students will begin focussing their training. This includes preparing for, and presenting solutions to complex problems and involves a reasonable amount of commitment. Students are expected to attend training sessions during lunch times and some weekends. Please encourage your child to speak to Ms Goode if they are interested in joining one of our teams for the upcoming Tournament of Minds.


SRC Fundraiser

Next Friday, 15 June, our Student Representative Council has organised a casual clothes day, disco and sausage sizzle. This is a yearly activity of SRC, under the guidance of Miss Prue McNaughton, to organise and raise funds for charity. It is very important that service learning, such as this, is fostered. This time, all money raised will go towards supporting the Smith Family children’s education program.


Playground Supervision

Walking around St Anne’s at the end of the school day, it is wonderful to see many of our parents socialising while their children have a final play. Being and feeling connected to a community such as ours is very important. However, it is also important that parents are supervising their children. We have recently had some students injure themselves, as well as using School property without putting it back where it belongs. Our teachers are often in meetings or preparing for the next day of learning at this time; yard duty finishes at 3:30pm. Can I please ask parents to keep a watchful eye on their children after school.


Academic Reports

Teachers have been working hard to prepare reports for Semester 1 and they will be handed out on the last day of term, Friday 22 June. As our Academic Reports are a formal document, teachers have been instructed to use your child’s formal name throughout their comments. 


Have a great long weekend!
Jie Van Berkel