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Head of St Anne's Campus

For those families connected to Year 4 Freeman, you will be aware that Mr Lamb has created a Star Wars theme within the classroom. That theme was on show this morning during Freeman’s entertaining Fellowship. Freeman students incorporated Star Wars and the importance of a Growth Mindset. Congratulations to Year 4 Freeman for not only organising an engaging and entertaining Fellowship, but for focusing on a key part of learning.  A common misconception in regards to a Growth Mindset is that we have either a Growth or Fixed mindset. In fact, we all have a Fixed and Growth Mindset, it just depends on what we are doing. At home, parents can use Growth Mindset feedback with their children, such as “I can see you have challenged yourself”, “I can see you learnt from a mistake” and “you really put effort into … .”


SRC Fundraiser

Students came to school today in casual clothes as a fundraiser for the Smith Family children’s education program. The day was organised by Miss Prue McNaughton and our Student Representative Council. Our SRC students became DJ’s and a disco was organised during lunchtime, much to the delight of our students. A sausage sizzle was provided for lunch to round off our efforts. Each year, Miss McNaughton collaborates with our SRC students to enhance their leadership skills, social awareness and organisational skills. Providing a platform for ‘student voice,’ where students can make decisions and share their thinking is important.


Playground Supervision

Walking around St Anne’s at the end of the school day, it is wonderful to see many of our parents socialising whilst their children have a final play. Being and feeling connected to a community such as ours is very important. However, it is important that parents are supervising their children. Most recently we have had some student’s injury themselves or use school property without putting it back. Our teachers are often in meetings or preparing for the next day of learning and our yard duty finishes at 3:30 pm. Can I please ask parents to keep a watchful eye on their children after school.


Buddies Program

Last Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of our Pre-Prep and Year 5 excursion to the Stratford Knob Reserve. Our strong Buddies program provides a great opportunity for our students to build positive relationships, develop leadership skills and to learn from one another. We spent most of our time on a nature walk observing natural features and indigenous artifacts. Lunch was spent on ELC student George McNaughton’s farm having a BBQ.


Have a great weekend.

Jie Van Berkel