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Head of St Anne's Campus

Great start to the Term

We have had a fantastic start to Term 3. Teachers and students have come back energised from our 3 week break. We officially welcomed Mr Brett Glover, who will be teaching Music while Mrs Katie Germaine is on Parental Leave for the remainder of the year. Brett comes with a wealth of teaching, music and performance experience and knowledge. Having already witnessed some of his music lessons, I know Brett is going to only enhance our extensive music program.

This morning we were entertained by our Year 12 leaders at our annual Prefect Fellowship. Students were ‘wowed’ by the Prefects’ singing and dancing. Many of the Prefects are past St Anne’s students and it is amazing to see the growth in their public speaking skills and confidence over the years at Gippsland Grammar. In a few weeks’ time, our own students’ public speaking skills will be on show at our House Public Speaking Competition.


Growth Mindset Article

As educators, we are regularly reading and researching best teaching practice. I recently came across a great article by Carol Dweck revisiting the ‘Growth Mindset.’ In it, Carol delves deeper into a common misconception and how parents and teachers can foster a Growth Mindset in the children we work with. Often, people claim to be totally Growth Mindset, which is wrong. We are both Fixed and Growth. Through her article, Carol asks and answers a key question around Growth Mindset that can assist parents and teachers alike.

‘How can we help educators adopt a deeper, true growth mindset, one that will show in their classroom practice? You may be surprised by my answer: Let’s legitimise the fixed mindset. Let’s acknowledge that (1) we’re all a mixture of fixed and growth mindset, (2) we will probably always be, and (3) if we want to move closer to a growth mindset in our thoughts and practices, we need to stay in touch with our fixed-mindset thoughts and deeds.’


Below are some feedback comments both Teachers and Parents can use to support their children:

“If you catch yourself saying ‘I’m not great a maths,’ just add the word ‘yet’ to the end of the sentence”

“That feeling of spelling or writing being hard is the feeling of your brain growing.”

“The point isn’t to get it all right straight away. The point is to grow your understanding step by step. What can you try next?”


Pencil Tree

There is a real buzz around our new ‘Pencil Tree’ situated outside the Year 5 & 6 building. Unfortunately, after some poor pruning many years ago, the old Elm tree was in poor condition. Some key branches were in danger of falling down. Instead of lopping the tree down, we are in the process of turning the tree into a wonderful piece of art known as the ‘Pencil Tree.’ In the coming days we will be refining the huge pencils, which will hopefully be ready for St Anne’s Day. Next time you are at St Anne’s, or even when you are driving past, come and check out our newly created ‘Pencil Tree’.


St Anne’s Day Fellowship

Just a friendly reminder that our annual St Anne’s Day Fellowship is on next Friday 27 July beginning at 11:30am. Following our Fellowship, we will be having lunch for Old Scholars in the library from 12:30pm.


Positive Parenting Seminar – Wednesday 25 July

Come along to a free parenting seminar to learn how to navigate even the toughest of parenting situations using the power of positive parenting.  International parenting expert Prof. Matt Sanders will present different ways to help you build a happy, resilient family by positively responding to parenting challenges.  This free seminar is part of the Victorian Government’s Supporting Families of the Latrobe Valley initiative and is open to all parents, guardians and carers of children aged 0-12 years. Don’t miss out - register now to attend at RSVP@triplep.net



Power of Positive Parenting seminar

6.30pm – 8.30pm on Wednesday 25 July

Gippsland Regional Sports Complex

116 Cobains Road, Sale.


Enjoy your weekend,
Jie Van Berkel