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Head of St Anne's Campus

We are officially half way through Term 3 and the year is flying past very quickly. Term 3 and 4 are when we regularly notice students making significant improvement in their academic, social and emotional development. It is timely that our Parent/Teacher Interviews are next Tuesday and Thursday. Parents and guardians are reminded to book their interview time via our school website or portal. The sessions provide teachers and parents the ideal opportunity for engaging and meaningful conversations about each child.


Father’s and Special Friend’s Day Fellowship

Our Father’s and Special Friend’s Day Fellowship is happening this coming Friday at 11:30 am. We have planned a great day with our Campus Captains running the Fellowship. Following the formalities, there will be an opportunity for Dads and Special Friends to play some games with their child, as per below:


Bottom oval – Soccer

Bass oval – AFL

Courts – Basketball and Netball

The area outside of McCubbin – Handball


There will be a complimentary sausage sizzle at 12.30pm, run by SRC as a special fundraiser for the day. One lucky student will win a VIP pass allowing them to sit in comfort in a prime position, watching the Fellowship with their Dad or Special Friend.


Raffle tickets are 50c and students can buy as many tickets as they like. SRC member Hayley Lamb is coordinating the sale of raffle tickets and will be at the steps to the hall every recess this coming week.


House Public Speaking Competition

Last week we published the winning speeches from our House Public Speaking competition. We were unable to publish Year 6 winner, Debbie Husodo’s, entry. Below is Debbie’s very engaging and thought-provoking speech.


Think of a time when someone has said something really hurtful to you. How did you feel? Worthless, mistreated, miserable? This is how one in three of Australian kids feel every day. In your class this could be around seven of your classmates. Bullying is a huge issue which needs to be dealt with immediately. But for us to tackle this problem we need to know what bullying is.


Bullying is when someone repeatedly targets a person or group. There are various types of bullying such as verbal and emotional, physical, social and cyberbullying. Although these are very different they all have the same aim. To hurt, put down and intimidate.


Sounds mean right?

Then again, it’s unfair how we generalize that all bullies are bad. Some might have been a victim themselves. Others might have experienced trauma in their life or a hard time at home. Despite the many reasons why people may bully others, it is still unacceptable.


Bullying might start small like tiny acts of unkindness however, things that seem little don’t stay that way. There are simple solutions like being a friend or a supporter. 87% of the victims that are bullied are surrounded by on-lookers that are not helping to improve the situation. We need up standers! Someone who will be there for you, that person could be you!


So, what can you do?

Well, you could ask the bully to stop, talk to the victim or report the abuse to a parent or teacher.


“One act can change a life”

Impact someone’s life today. Make a difference.

Stick up, speak up and show that you care!


Tournament of Minds

Our teams will compete in the Tournament of Minds Competition Day at Federation University, Churchill this Saturday, 25 August. Tournament of Minds provides teams of students the opportunity to solve authentic, open-ended challenges that foster creative, divergent thinking while developing collaborative enterprise, excellence, and teamwork. Thank you to Ms Lisa Goode for leading our TOM’s team. I will have more information in next week’s newsletter on how each team performed on the day.


Spring Concert and Music Soiree

Just a reminder to our School community of the following Music events;

  • 2018 Spring Concert on Thursday, 6 September. This will take place in St Anne’s Lorna Sparrow Hall from 6.00pm.
  • St Anne's Instrumental Soiree will take place at the Chapel of St Anne’s on Tuesday, 11 September from 6.00pm to 7:30 pm.


Both events provide a wonderful opportunity for our students to perform and demonstrate their talents to a large audience.


Victorian Interschool Snowsports Championships

Louis Lazzaro recently represented Gippsland Grammar at the Victorian Interschool Snowsports Championships. He made it into the final of the boardercross, which-as anyone who watched the recent Winter Olympics knows-is an extreme event. Louis also came fifth overall in the Giant Slalom. This means Louis has now qualified for the 2018 Subaru Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships in September. This is an amazing achievement for someone so young, who has only recently taken up the sport. Congratulations Louis. Maybe one day we will see you in a Winter Olympics!


Have a great weekend.