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Head of St Anne's Campus

Rock and Roll is alive and well at Gippsland Grammar. Last night’s Spring Concert was such a wonderful celebration of our students’ musical talent. Archer Robinson and Anais Misseos, our Music Captains, were great MC’s throughout the evening, ably supported by Henry Storer behind the scenes. Each class from Prep to Year 3 performed. Each performance was so entertaining and the student’s enjoyment and engagement were evident on their faces. We also had a broad scope of music performed through our many ensembles and choirs. These included: Year 2 Strings, Mozart Strings, Paganini Strings, Year 4 Training Band, our Rock band, Junior Choir, Flute Choir St Anne’s Singers, and St Anne's Concert Band


Thank you to Brett Glover, our new Music Coordinator, for organising and leading our Spring Concert. Brett has a real passion for making learning fun. Thank you to our amazing instrumental teachers; Katrina Chilcott, Alison Dunn, Don Cook, Laura Evans, Victoria Shaw, Brad Cruickshank and Rosemary Iverson.


Fellowship: Combined Junior School Fellowship at St Anne’s

Today we had a great opportunity to continue to build the strong bond and connection with our Bairnsdale students and teachers during our Combined Junior School Fellowship. Kate Arnup, Deputy Head of Garnsey Campus, was our guest speaker. Kate has the unique perspective of previously working at St Anne’s and has also been the Head of Bairnsdale Campus.


Our Fellowship focused on identifying and celebrating the similarities we share. I had the great opportunity to interview the Campus Captains from each of Sale and Bairmnsdale. We then took the opportunity to spend recess and lunchtime with each other. Each year, the students from both campuses have a variety of opportunities to connect and spend time together. Our Combined Fellowships and the upcoming Year 3 to Year 6 Camps are great examples.


National Literacy and Numeracy Week

Celebrating literacy and numeracy this week, each class from Prep to Year 6 helped create two collaborative picture storybooks. Each class spent time reading the developing story, then built on it with their contribution. We will store these wonderful books in our library, where people are most welcome to read them. Classes also joined forces to take part in an engaging numeracy activity.


SRC Beyblade Competition

Thank you so much to Miss Prue McNaughton and the Student Representative Council (SRC) for running our lunchtime Beyblade Competition. It was well attended and greatly enjoyed by our students. The following students were Beyblade Champions:

Prep-2:  Mikio Mannix

Yr 3-4:  Will McCole

Yr 5-6:  Conor McDougal

Grand Final Champion:  Mikio Mannix


Road Safety

A number of our younger students coming to and from school via our school crossing are unsupervised. This can mean the children take unnecessary risks. With the road being busy, particularly at the times our students come and leave school, I strongly suggest all parents supervise their children when crossing the road on the way to school.


Jie Van Berkel