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Head of St Anne's Campus

Welcome back to an exciting term ahead. I hope you have all had a chance to refresh after a busy Term 3. This term promises to be full of great learning opportunities for our students. Our Years 4, 5 and 6 students are heading off on much-anticipated camps. We are also busy preparing for 2019, organising our Foundation (previously Prep) and ELC Information night and Orientation Day.


New Family

We have two students beginning at the start of the term who have been enrolled from the beginning of the year. Christopher (McCubbin) and Jocylen (Hollows) Reid have relocated from South Africa and will, along with their parents Stephan and Leisel, be a wonderful addition to our School community. Being such a warm and welcoming community, I am sure many of you will take the time to welcome the Reid family.


Year 12 Fellowship

This morning we had a busy Fellowship that included welcoming back those Year 12 students who were part of our St Anne’s community during their primary years. Mrs Noble pieced together a wonderful slideshow of photos of the students during their time at St Anne’s. Jess Lang, current Year 12 Prefect, spoke wonderfully about her time at St Anne’s.


This term, we are focusing on our core value, Respect. I asked some of our Year 12 students what advice they could give our current St Anne’s students what they can do to demonstrate respect. We appreciated their responses.


House Handwriting Competition

Today we acknowledged those students who have achieved excellence in their handwriting, as we announced the winners of our House Handwriting Competition. All students from Prep to Year 6 demonstrated excellence when they carefully wrote our School prayer. Everyone’s handwriting from each year level was then sorted into Houses and were judged first, second and third from the 12 finalists in each year level. Blundell Bogong is this year's House Handwriting Competition winner!


House Handwriting

1st Blundell Bogong

2nd Wellington Binks

3rd Tisdall Hotham

3rd Cranswick Dargo



1st: Emma McCoy – Blundell Bogong

2nd: Kynan Burton – Wellington Binks

3rd: Sophie Arnup – Wellington Binks


Year 1

1st: Chloe Kitchin – Wellington Binks

2nd: Erin Smith – Blundell Bogong

3rd:  Lily-Joy Moatlhodi – Cranswick Dargo


Year 2

1st: Lucy Dray – Wellington Binks

2nd: Milla Lazarro – Blundell Bogong

3rd: Cooper Beckman – Tisdall Hotham


Year 3

1st: Olivia Clyne – Blundell Bogong

2nd: Louis Lazzaro – Blundell Bogong

3rd: Alana Crawford – Cranswick Dargo


Year 4

1st: Jessica Carroll - Blundell Bogong

2nd: Mia Del Busso - Tisdall Hotham

3rd: Josiah Levchenko - Cranswick Dargo


Year 5

1st: Tilly Fox – Blundell Bogong

2nd: Indiana Hicks – Cranswick Dargo

3rd: Demi Scriven – Tisdall Hotham


Year 6

1st: Abby Board – Blundel Bogong          

2nd: Maggie Westman – Tisdall Hotham

3rd: Debbie Husodo – Cranswick Dargo


Road Safety

Vic Roads has been very proactive after my initial phone call to them in regards to our road safety concerns. I have requested that more visible signage be put in place to alert and warn motorists that they need to slow down and to be aware of pedestrians. Vic Roads have promised to update our current signs as an interim measure. They will also be collecting strategic data, such as volume of traffic, to see if we qualify for more significant road safety upgrades. I still strongly suggest all parents supervise their children when crossing the road when coming to, and from school.


Enjoy your weekend.
Jie Van Berkel