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Head of St Anne's Campus

Campus and House Captains 2019

Congratulations to Regan Leeson and Indiana Hicks who have been elected St Anne’s Campus Captains for 2019. Our Campus Captains have a major role within our school community. I am excited to see the positive impact Regan and Indiana will have at St Anne’s in 2019 and look forward to assisting them. Our process involved me speaking to all Year 5 students about the role, interested students writing an application, interviews and a selection panel. This year, to reflect our contemporary society and school community, our leaders were selected on merit not gender.


To our students who were unsuccessful, thank you. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I appreciated your honesty and willingness. Please take away the positives from this experience and continue to lead by example.


At St Anne’s we view all our Year 6 students as leaders and school ambassadors. This involves setting a good example to other students and representing our School within the local community. Our two Campus Captains will display the Gippsland Grammar CLERR values of compassion, leadership, excellence, responsibility and respect. They will be role models for all other students in the school. They will have many speaking opportunities and be expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. They will be asked to attend various events during the year, such as Anzac Day, Commemoration Day and other opportunities.


Our House Captains and Vice Captains will be announced on Friday, 7 December at Fellowship. The selection of our other key leadership roles, such as Library Monitors, Swimming Captains, etc will happen early in the New Year.


Volunteers Fellowship

This morning we acknowledged and celebrated the volunteers who help in a variety of ways. Today’s Fellowship was dedicated to recognising the amazing contribution volunteers make to our School community and thanking them for all they do for us. Every day at St Anne’s, many people help us in so many ways. These heroes are unpaid and willingly give of their time to help make our School the special place that it is. Some people are able to help regularly, while others do so for special events and occasions – but all of them make a great difference. Some are parents and some are grandparents. Others are long-standing friends of the school or Old Scholars. The thing they all have in common is that they make time in their busy lives to help us. Today’s Fellowship was our small token of appreciation.


Parenting Articles – Michael Hawton

This week’s article by Michael Hawton is about cyberbullying. In particular, about flipping our thinking around bullying and arming our children with the self-defence skills to deal with mean people. This is a very interesting read that may challenge your thinking around bullying. If this article interests you, please look back at previous newsletters for other Michael Hawton parenting articles.


Gumbuya World Recount (by Zara New)

On the 5 November Year 4 went to Gumbuya World.  After a long bus ride (1 hour and 45 minutes) we arrived. The first thing we did was meet our instructor/ranger, Alicia. Secondly she showed us the Olive Python named Jack. I was too scared to pat him but the rest of my class did. Then we went into the critter cave where even more snakes and crocodiles were.


Then after we were done with the reptiles we went to a dingo presentation. It was a different lady named Michelle and she told us about the types of dingo there are and that pure breeds are an endangered species. Then we got to pat Kiata the Dingo. She felt like a dog and looked very similar.


Later we got 1 hour free roaming around time. During this time I saw Koalas, Cockatoos, Emus, Tasmanian Devils, Possums, Wombats, and we got to see kangaroos up close and we were able to feed them which was a new and exciting thing to try.


Overall I had a great time and I would recommend it to someone who likes animals and exploring different things. I am so glad we got to go and I’m definitely going to go back. 


Cling Wrap Alternative!


The Green Team have been investigating ways to reduce the amount of rubbish created here at school. We found a lot of cling wrap in our audit of the St Anne's bins last term.


We were able to meet with Laura Eddington from Little Bumble Beeswax Wraps, and learn about the benefits of using these wraps rather than cling wrap. Laura helped us to make our own wrap and we have been finding them a great for our lunchboxes and very easy to clean.


Beeswax Wraps contain their own antibacterial properties, can be composted or re-waxed, keep food fresher for longer, and are quick to clean in soapy cold water. A fantastic alternative to cling wrap, which takes over 1000 to decompose!


Laura has now kindly offered a 10% discount for Gippsland Grammar families to buy their own beeswax wraps or DIY kits to make them. Simply us the discount code 'GippslandGrammar18', when placing your order on https://littlebumble.com.au/


Closure Days

A reminder next Monday, 19 November is a closure day for Report Writing. This will be followed by a Professional Development closure day on Friday 23 November.  Both these days are student free.


Jie Van Berkel