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Head of St Anne's Campus

This morning, we held our Campus Captains induction for 2019. Regan Leeson and Indiana Hicks have already had a considerable impact through their leadership skills. Having Ms Kate Ray, Deputy Head-Academic /Head of Pathways, in attendance added to the significance of the service. The key messages to our school leaders is to lead with respect and that your actions speak louder than words. I look forward to collaborating with and supporting Regan and Indi with their important leadership role.


Prefect Induction

I would like to thank Sam Millington from Year 2 Chisholm who was St Anne’s representative at our senior school’s Prefect Induction. On Monday morning, Sam had to witness the prefects signing the induction book, which meant standing in front of nearly 600 students, teachers and parents. Great job Sam!



House Captains

This year we are providing a broad range of leadership opportunities for our students, with a focus on developing each student’s leadership abilities. Throughout the year, our School leaders will collaborate with leadership experts within our community and have the chance to further develop their leadership skills. On Tuesday morning, our St Anne's House Captains took part in a leadership session with David Baker, Abe Schuback, Sheryn Ray and I. We focused on leading with integrity, our CLERR values and how to be an 'upstander.' David and Abe, our guest speakers, shared their thoughts and experiences about leadership. Sheryn collaborated with our House Captains to begin writing an acceptance speech. I worked with our Captains to outline our key behaviours as a leader and the consequences if we do not live up to expectations. Deputy Head of Campus, Sheryn Ray, and I look forward to supporting our House Captains within their leadership role this year.




Digital Technology

This week, Mr Evan Lamb began collaborating with classroom teachers to deliver our digital technologies curriculum. We aim to build the ICT capabilities of all students, as it is becoming an increasingly important area of their education. In the younger years (F-2) we will be developing students’ abilities to use simple block based coding and then moving to text based coding in the middle to upper years (3-6). Students will be developing their STEM and coding skills as they move through the school. They will be faced with various problems to solve while simultaneously building upon their communication and collaboration skills.


Welcome Picnic – Tonight at 3:45 pm

I am looking forward to seeing many in our school community at this afternoon’s Welcome Picnic, from 3:45 pm. The event aims to build strong connections within our school community. Families are welcome to use the large grassed area near the Year 1 classroom and hall. This event will be informal, with games and plenty of opportunities to meet our teachers, parents and students. As this is an event being held on school grounds, with children present, it will be an alcohol free event.



Jie Van Berkel