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Head of St Anne's Campus

A highlight for me this week was being a part of our Year 2 Geography excursion, swimming with the students at the Sale Aquatic Centre. The students spent the day venturing around Sale, looking at significant landmarks. It was an excellent way for our students to delve deeper into their learning.


We also had our House Swimming Carnival on Tuesday, Collingwood Football clinic for students from Years 4-6 on Monday, along with all the usual learning happening in our classrooms. It has been a busy start to the year!


I have some exciting news to announce…

Our 2018 P.E teacher, Amy Laverty, and her husband Chris, have welcomed a baby girl, Molly.

Louise Hulls, our 2018 Arts teacher, and her husband Chris, have welcomed a baby boy, Andy.

I offer our warmest congratulations to both families on behalf of the School community.


Swimming Carnival

The weather was initially kind to us for our House Swimming Carnival on Tuesday. It was fantastic to see so many students participating and supporting each other. Unfortunately, we had to leave the pool early, due to an approaching storm, which meant the winning House and Age Champions were presented in Lorna Sparrow Hall.



Recognising that Year 1 and Year 2 students missed their opportunity to take part in the swimming carnival, we organised for these year levels to have their own mini carnival on Thursday afternoon.


Congratulations to Mrs Simone Langshaw, our new Physical Education teacher, for organising and running a successful event. Thank you to parents, grandparents and friends who volunteered in a variety of roles. A big thank you to our fantastic swimming captains, Blake Fairweather and Scarlett Tavasci, for running the speeches and presentations at the end of the day.


Students and teachers compete in good spirit but nonetheless fiercely in House competitions. Congratulations to Wellington Binks on winning this year’s swimming carnival. Our Age Champions was closely contested again this year, with the following students winning their age group:


12/13 Boys: Will Murray

12/13 Girls: Scarlett Tavasci and Charlie Price

11 Boys: Jonah Brown

11 Girls: Molly Dettbarn

10 Boys: Zayden Burton

10 Girls: Lily Canfield

9 Boys: Cooper Beckman

9 Girls: Ellie Brown


Parent Teacher Interviews –Tuesday, 26 February and Thursday, 28 February

Our parents and teachers will have the opportunity on Tuesday 26 and Thursday 28 February to meet in a more formal setting to discuss your child’s social, emotional and academic progress. Over the past few weeks, our teachers have been working hard with students to build positive relationships, identify where learning needs are and to begin the learning process. Open, honest communication between our students, parents and teachers is essential. More information to come next week.


Year 6 Leadership Fellowship – Friday, 22 February

Our Leadership Fellowship is an opportunity to formally acknowledge our Year 6 leaders for 2019 with the presentation of badges. This includes our House Captains, Service Captains and more. More information to come next week.



Jie Van Berkel