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Head of St Anne's Campus

Thank you to our grandparents and special friends who came to our Fellowship last week. It was fantastic to see such large numbers at the Fellowship, visiting the classrooms and connecting with others at morning tea. I would like to also, thank our Service Captains for waiting on our guests at the morning tea.


Our Service Captains play a significant leadership role at St Anne’s. Matlida, Dru, Hassan, Mahdi, Averey and Tilly are our Service Captains for 2019. They help out around our campus, read to our ELC students, visit nursing homes and much more. This morning, our Service Captains ran our Fellowship focusing on their role and the importance of community.


Life Education Van Visit


You may have heard your child talk about visiting Harold the giraffe and the Life Education Van this week. The Life Education Van provides a unique learning environment and the trained educators use an innovative teaching and learning approach to engage students. Joined by the giraffe mascot, Harold, our students took part in lessons that empower children to make safer and healthier choices, now and in the future.


Cyber Safety – Monday 25 March


Leading Senior Constable, Sarah Reggardo, will be presenting an informative Cyber Safety talk next Monday to all students in Years 3 to 6. The ‘Think U Know’ presentation is an Australia wide standardised cyber safety information session for students. During the session, the students will learn about the positives and negatives of technology, how to keep themselves safe, making good choices online and in person – being a good cyber citizen. Students will also learn where you can go for help and how police have laws to protect young people online.


The information also translates to being a good person in the community. A question and answer session provides time for the students to ask the burning questions they may have, but have never had the opportunity to ask a police officer!


I would recommend parents peruse the TUK web page to glean information from the page relevant to them and their family, we never stop learning on topics of this nature. Young people are always learning new things and new ways to connect online and we need to be educated so we can guide our children as best we can.


Jie Van Berkel