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Head of St Anne's Campus

Plant the right seed and great things will grow… 

This morning, students in Year 3/4 Flynn presented a meaningful Fellowship with a focus on our school motto ‘Plant the right seed and great things will grow.’ Students explained what happens biologically when a seed sprouts into a plant. They stressed that soil, water, sun and care are required for the seed to germinate. The roots then hold the plant in place and bring nutrients and water to the plant above so it can grow to its full potential. Flynn students then made the wonderful connection that we, as learners, are like seeds. Students at Gippsland Grammar are given care, opportunities and the environment to flourish and grow to their full potential and beyond.   




Staying Safe after School  

There have been some injuries after school in the last few weeks due to inappropriate behaviour in our playground. This makes me very concerned about the safety and well-being of our students. Staff have also witnessed some students not treating our play equipment with the respect required, particularly our adventure playground.  


All students must be supervised by their parents if they are playing in school grounds after school has finished for the day. Can I please ask our parents to keep a closer eye on their children at the end of the day? I understand that getting together with other parents for a chat is important, as it provides an opportunity to socialise, debrief and to feel connected to our school community. Thank you for your understanding.  



Our students have had some amazing opportunities recently to demonstrate their learning outside of their normal classroom setting. Guided by Miss Lauren Verde, many of our students entered artistic items into the recent Sale Show. Many of these were also displayed in our Term 3 Art Exhibition. As a community, it is important that we support such events. Congratulations to all students who entered artwork and other items in the Sale Show. 


Highly Commended  

Rose Dallimore- Mixed Media  

Logan Mills- Drawing  

Harry Lancaster- Painting  


Third Prize:  

Lulu Yousif- Painting   

Hayley Lamb- Painting  

Toby How- Mixed Media  


Second Prize:  

Thomas Everett- Painting  

Sophie Moy- Collage  

Louis Lazzaro- Painting  

Ella O’Doherty- Mixed Media  


First Prize:  

Rose Llewellyn- Painting   

Jared Lamb- Mixed Media Sculpture   

Elsa Wynne- Article of Embroidery  

Chloe Goss- Pottery  

Vida Yanez- Wool and Embroidery and Hand Made Model Other Than wood   

Vida Yanez also won the Highest Aggregate award for Needle Work and Craft.  


Academic Competitions  

Throughout the year, students in Years 3 to 6 are able to undertake various Maths, English and Science Competitions. These tests are extremely challenging and are targeted at the nation’s top students. Congratulations not only to students who received a Credit, Distinction and High Distinction, but also to all the students who challenged themselves by entering. We had some outstanding results this year:  


Maths Olympiads  

Maya Cairnes: Top 20%  

Tom Dunnett: Top 20%  

Regan Farley: Top 20%  

Debbie Husodo: Top 20%  

Anthony Smith: Top 40%  

Nicholas Missen: Top 40%  

Brooke Marshall: Top 50%  


Maths Games  

Josiah Levchenko: Top 10%  

Teddy Ripper: Top 10%  

Conor McDougall: Top 10%  

Logan Mills: Top 20%  

Lachlan Davine: Top 40%  

Eddie Welgemoed: Top 50%  

Lachlan McCole: Top 50%  


ICAS English  

Lily Canfield: Distinction  

Jessica Martin: Distinction  

Andrew Crawford: Distinction  

Jared Lamb: Distinction  

Eden Levchenko: Distinction  

Renier Welgemoed: Distinction  

Regan Farley: Distinction  

Gus Rich: Credit  

Elsa Wynne: Credit  

Logan Mills: Credit  

Teddy Ripper: Credit  

Mahdi Uddin: Credit  

Eddie Welgemoed: Credit  

Benjamin Canfield: Credit  

Abigail Crozier: Credit  

Ashan Keppitipola: Credit  

Nicholas Missen: Credit  

Oscar Rich: Credit  

Anthony Smith: Credit  

Amelia Steele-Brown: Credit  


Australian Maths Competition  

Josiah Levchenko: (Achieved School’s Highest Standardised Score) High Distinction  

Jared Lamb: High Distinction  

Lachlan Davine: Distinction  

Sarah Hale: Distinction  

Eddie Welgemoed: Distinction  

Niholas Missen: Distinction  

Regan Farley: Distinction  

Zane Waixel: Distinction  

Patrick Cannon: Credit  

Jessica Carroll: Credit  

Mia Del Busso: Credit  

Isla Harris: Credit  

Jacqui Neilan: Credit  

Himesh Rajapakse: Credit  

Gus Rich: Credit  

Riley Alexander: Credit  

Luca Di Corleto: Credit  

Lachlan McCole: Credit  

Conor McDougall: Credit  

Logan Mills: Credit  

Teddy Ripper: Credit  

Mahdi Uddin: Credit  

Benjamin Canfield: Credit  

Finn Carpenter: Credit  

Tom Gillham: Credit  

Debbie Husodo: Credit  

Ashan Keppitipola: Credit  

Eden Levchenko: Credit  

Charlie New: Credit  

Finley Warren: Credit  

Travis Blok: Credit  

Rose Dallimore: Credit  

Izabella Di Corleto: Credit  

Maya Cairnes: Credit  

Brooke Marshall: Credit  

Ella O’Doherty: Credit  

Anthony Smith: Credit  

LuLu Yousif: Credit  


St Anne’s Food Bank  

If you wish to place your name on the list to be called upon to cook a meal for a family in need within our school community, please contact Ann Young by emailing ann.young@gippslandgrammar.vic.edu.au or by telephoning the office on 5143 7155; Ann will pass your details on to our Co-ordinators, Katy Dray, Jane Black, Natalie Sandow and Inoka Rajapakse.  If you are unable to assist when called upon, we will contact the next person on the list.   


We currently have a family at St Anne’s who needs our support.  If you were able to assist, we would gladly accept donations of healthy baked goods for lunchboxes and evening meals (which can be frozen). Please bring your donations to the office, where they will be gratefully received.   

Thank you to those families who have already assisted.  


School Hats  

In line with our SunSmart policy, students at St Anne’s Campus are required to wear hats during Term 1 and Term 4 each year.  Our Prep to Year 5 students should wear the standard bottle green broad-brimmed or bucket hat, whilst the Year 6 students are able to wear the black bucket hat.  Students at our campus are not to wear the new school cap, which is for Garnsey students only.  


Annual Barwala Book Collection  

We are collecting books to help resource a primary school library in the Barwala district, on the outskirts of New Delhi in India. Our school community can help by donating pre-loved books from home that are no longer required. Donated books should be in good condition and picture books are especially helpful for the students to learn and practise their English skills.  

Your book donations can be delivered to the box outside Mrs O'Reilly's office before Friday 1 December. Please support our book collection and help others who are less fortunate that us. 

Mehar, Brooke, Regan and Amelia - Community Captains 


I hope everyone enjoys the warm weather this weekend.    

Jie Van Berkel