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Canberra Trip- Year 11

Earlier this term the Year 11 Geography students travelled to Canberra to gather data about tourism within the nation’s capital. VCE Geography requires students to learn the skill of compiling a Geography Fieldwork Report, which relies heavily on the collection of valuable, reliable and accurate data in the field. We chose Canberra as our tourism location as we wanted a city not well known to the students, and which has issues with its tourism industry.


The students had to engage in several spatial technologies to try to gather data about the tourism industry in Canberra. One such spatial technology was ‘Survey123’, which required students to compile a complex survey using the software and then gather the data electronically using both the answers provided by the respondents and the geotagging on their devices.


Our three days were certainly non-stop as we tried to experience and evaluate as many tourism activities as possible, including visits to Parliament House, Canberra City Centre, Heath Ledger Exhibition, National Museum, National War Memorial, Botanical Gardens and the Canberra Escape Room.






‘I especially like Escape room. It was pretty fun.’ Satsuki

‘Really fun, had a good time with everyone, good group.’ Dakoda

‘It was great. I had lots of fun and it was a good experience! Karli


Richard Macaulay
Geography Teacher