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Japanese Study Tour

Fifteen students from Years 9 – 11 went to Japan during the September holidays. We spent time at our Sister School, Hikarigaoka Girls' High School, for the first seven days. We did an exchange program and attended their classes. We also stayed with host families, participated in their annual sports festival and went on an excursion to the Toyota Museum and Morikoro Park.


During the second week, we travelled to Nagoya, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo. While on the trip and visiting these places, we experienced a lot of Japanese culture. Although we had some issues along the way due to the typhoon, we thoroughly enjoyed the amazing trip. We would like to thank Ms Henderson and Ms Shinagawa for this opportunity and for accompanying us. We would also like to make a special mention of all the behind the scenes work done by Moko to help prepare for the trip.


By Dempsey Doyle and Enola Jefferis.