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Making A Report

Our Child Protection Officers - Make a Report


Gippsland Grammar has appointed the people listed below as the School's Child Protection Officers. Each Child Protection Officer is available to answer any questions

that you may have with respect to our Child Protection and Safety Policy and the Child Protection Program.


Child Protection Officers are selected based on a number of considerations, namely:


their personal attitudes, experiences and beliefs, for example, a person who is non-judgmental, calm, resilient and demonstrates a high degree of integrity and

respect for confidentiality; their role within the School, for example, a person who has seniority and experience working with complex student and family issues

at the School and someone who is readily accessible and available to all members of the School community; and their personal profile within the School, for

example, a person who is approachable, who students and staff trust and who is willing and able to respond to issues personally and sensitively.


The School's Child Protection Officers are your first point of contact for reporting child protection issues within the School. They receive special training

that allows them to deal with child protection concerns both sensitively and effectively.


‘Child Abuse’ includes:

  • sexual offences;
  • grooming; 
  • physical violence;
  • serious emotional or psychological harm;
  • serious neglect; and
  • family violence, or exposure to family violence.


If you have any concern that a child may be experiencing any form of abuse, whether or not you have formed a belief on reasonable grounds that the abuse

has occurred, you should immediately raise your concerns with one of our Child Protection Officers. 


The welfare and best interests of the child are paramount. Whenever there are concerns that a child is in immediate danger the Police should be called on 000.




Jan Henry, David Baker, Kate Arnup, Liana Cartledge

Members of the Executive

Jie Van Berkel

Head of St Anne's

Virginia Evans

Head of Bairnsdale Campus

Rupert Stephenson, Sam Gladman, Liz Bullers

Garnsey Child Protection Officer

Annie Crowe

Bairnsdale Child Protection Officer

Lisa Goode, Carol Oram

St Anne's Child Protection Officer


Our Senior Child Protection Officer


Gippsland Grammar has appointed David Baker as the School's Senior Child Protection Officer. The Senior Child Protection Officer has an important role in

the promotion and maintenance of our child protection culture at the School.


The Senior Child Protection Officer is identified in our publicly available Child Protection and Safety Policy as the contact for the wider community when

they have child protection concerns relating to the School.

The Senior Child Protection Officer is contactable by phone on 5143 6388 or by emailing