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A message from the Bairnsdale Music Department

Let me introduce you to Dash the Seal and Squirt the Crocodile. Dash and Squirt are the practice pets who will be visiting our instrumental music students’ homes during the remainder of the year. They are coming to listen to your child practising and playing music and to encourage your child. They are looking forward to hearing all of the amazing music and instruments that our children play. When they arrive in your home, please welcome them and include them in all of the music making that is happening. They will bring a diary with them and I ask that you and your child fill out the next page in the book. They need to be returned to school at your child’s lesson the following week so they can visit another child.


Serena Jefferis
Music Co-ordinator – Bairnsdale Campus

Squirt the Crocodile

Dash the Seal