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New Career Tools Web Page

We were excited to launch our new ‘Career Tools’ web page this week, available via a Quick Link on the home page of our School website at



We invite students and parents to explore this great resource. There is a range of information including career’s ‘bullseyes’ (linking subjects of interest to careers), university, TAFE, apprenticeship and traineeship information, as well as a wealth of information on work experience, gap years, scholarships and more. Information is available on VET, VCAL, VTAC, SBATs and a variety of other worthwhile acronyms; you can also find out about USIs, TFNs and a host of other handy links too! The Calendar of Events has links to events across Victoria. The ‘myfuture’ website also has plenty of information for parents (


Local Learning and Employment Network - tour of Patties Foods 


Students should set up an account to access the ‘Student Secure Area’ (parents are also welcome to set up an account to explore this area if they wish). This area gives access to tools to explore interests, skills and work values, and provides the opportunity for students to develop their Career Action Plan. There are also tools for writing résumés and cover letters. There is a link from the Careers page for parents to a ‘Careers Conversations’ online resource, as the career development of young people does not happen in isolation, there are many other allies in the process.


Please contact me if you would like to attend a ‘Careers Conversations’ discussion for parents next term via I am happy to organise an afternoon / evening general careers discussion using the Education Department’s “Engaging Parents in Career Conversations” resource if there is sufficient interest.


The aim of contemporary career development services is no longer to assist students to make a single career choice, but to equip them with career self-management skills that will enable them to respond flexibly to changing opportunities and circumstances across their lifetime. Assisting students to reflect on their ambitions, interests, strengths and abilities will help prepare our students for a dynamic future where linear careers will be far less common and young people will need a range of skills and capabilities to navigate the more complex world of work.


Julie Ripon

Careers Advisor