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Walk to School encourages Victorian primary school kids to walk, ride or scoot to and from school during the month of October. The Walk to School program promotes regular physical activity in Victorian primary school students and helps children and their families establish active routines for life. It also supports primary schools, local councils and communities to make active travel easy, safe and accessible. 


St Anne’s will be participating in this initiative during the month of October so consider an active alternative instead of the car during this time. There will be a competition between the classes to find who was the most active during the month! 


Bike Ed 

On Tuesday October 10, Years 3 and 4 went for a bike ride to the wetlands.  ‘When I got to school my bike had training wheels and I was not feeling good. First we went to the basketball courts and there we had to go to the middle line. I was the slowest because of my training wheels. We just went back and forth and it got kind of boring! Next we did a slow race. Then I amazed myself! I rode a bigger bike with no training wheels. I was ZOOMING like a rocket and taking corners like an expert. It was the best. Josh Richards (Year 3) 


First we had 2 hours of training. During that time we learnt how to hop on our bikes, put our helmets on correctly, how to indicate and check over your shoulder. I found this particular time very chaotic. We also did braking and “slowness”. It was extremely fun as it wasn’t too hard. After that we set off on our bike ride. When we got to the Swing Bridge we all had a delicious lunch. I had a wrap, pear and a honey-joy. At the Swing Bridge there was a metal sculpture of a canoe. Finally we headed back. On the way back we went through the wetland. We crossed bridges and came around Lake Guthridge. It was an amazing, tiring day. I learnt a lot and in the fun way! Lily Canfield (Year 3) 


Tuckshop News - Sausage Sizzle

The tuckshop will be closed on Friday 20 October. There will be a sausage sizzle at lunchtime. Sausages will be $2 each with all monies raised going to the Footprint Foundation. Please bring your money on the day. 



Many students enjoy playing KAHOOT quiz games on the iPads in class. It is now possible to download the FREE app on your own devices (Apple or Android). When students open the app they can join the ‘Challenge’ by using the PIN below. Students can play once.  

PREP                                       PIN: 0163067 

Year 1                                       PIN: 0345530 

Year 2                                         PIN: 097687 

Years 3 and 4                                       PIN: 0850869 

Year 5 (revision)                                       PIN: 0913566 

Year 6                                       PIN: 0608492 


Year 1 

The Year 1 students have excitedly begun a Biological Science unit investigating small animals in the schoolyard environment. The students are learning about the external features of living things and will be conducting an investigation of a habitat within the ‘schoolyard safari’ area. At the conclusion of the unit, they will use what they have learnt and build a model of a habitat for a chosen insect.     


Camp Australia News 

Welcome back to After School Care; Term 4 is here and so is the sunshine.  

This week we have made wind chimes out of seashells and have been painting with natural materials, like gumnuts, Banksia flowers, sticks and shells. We have spent a large amount of time outside during these lovely days; playing at the playgrounds and practising our cricket and running skills on the ovals. We also been cooking coconut biscuits. The children are enjoying the opportunity to cook and will be cooking on Tuesday next week - ANZAC biscuits, an old favourite. 


This week we have introduced the Children’s Choice Menu System to afternoon tea, where the children can choose a fruit and savoury item by placing a picture of their choice on the menu board. We hope the children enjoy having greater input into the service.  


We have two Student Free days in Term 4,  20 and 24 November. Enrolments will open around two weeks before these dates. Watch out for a newsletter item.  


Finally, it has come to our attention that our website suggests that we only cater for ELC students on Mondays and Wednesdays: ELC students are welcome to attended Monday to Friday from 3.15pm to 6.00pm. 

Come and visit us at After School Care, located below the Japanese classroom; find us on or call 1300 105 343 for more information.  


Kelly and Mary