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Our Board

Gippsland Grammar is overseen by a School Board, which consists of nominees from a number of different stakeholder groups within the School community along with two ex officio members, the Bishop of Gippsland and the Dean of Sale. This Board reports in turn to the School Association at an Annual General Meeting. The School Board meets eight times per year and is responsible for the appointment of the Principal and the Business Manager.



        Appointed   Appointed by
    The Very Reverend Susanna Pain   26.10.2016   Bishop-in-Council
Chair    Mr William Jones   26.04.2007   School Association
    Mr Kenneth Anderson   28.04.2010   School Association
    Mr Michael Oram   29.05.2013   Co-opted
    Dr Valerie Shaw   24.04.2013   Parents & Friends
    Mrs Vicki McLeod   16.09.2015   Bishop
    Mr Brendan Shepherd   25.07.2016   Co-opted
    Mrs Kate Young   20.03.2017   Bishop-in-Council