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Our Policies

School Supervision Policy

Published: 2021

Status: Current


Gippsland Grammar has a duty of care to look after the safety and wellbeing of students attending the School or boarding at Blackwood House. Supervision is one of the key elements in exercising this duty of care and preventing injuries to students during the course of School and Blackwood House related activities.


The purpose of this Policy is to assist the School in providing a safe environment for students at all times while in the care of the School, including when boarding at Blackwood House.


Staff Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Published: 2015

Status: Current


Gippsland Grammar is committed to providing all staff with a working environment which values diversity and respects differences in our community.

Gippsland Grammar is a school enriched by people of many backgrounds age, race, ethnic and national heritage, physical and intellectual abilities and lifestyle choices. Gippsland Grammar aims to treat all members of the community with dignity courtesy and respect and to create a harmonious and productive working and learning environment.

It is the policy of Gippsland Grammar that the learning and working environment is positive and supportive for all members of the school community. Therefore Gippsland Grammar is committed to ensuring that the working and learning environment is free from bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination.


Student Behaviour Management Policy

Published: 2020

Status: Current


Gippsland Grammar should be a place where:

  • Students feel safe and supported by staff.
  • Students learn in a calm and focused environment.
  • There are clear and consistent behavioural and learning expectations, made explicit to all students.
  • Behaviours and relationships are managed in a restorative way.
  • Relationships are respectful and characterised by positive dialogue and active listening.
  • Staff know the students and use positive education strategies in the classroom and beyond.


Uniform Guidelines

Published: 2020

Status: Current


The school uniform identifies members of our School. It assists in creating an atmosphere of uniformity, pride, loyalty and equity. All students enter class as equals as far as image and dress are concerned; their individuality comes from their attitude, character, spirit and involvement.

School uniform creates a sense of identity for students at Gippsland Grammar, promoting mutual respect and a sense of belonging. Students should wear it proudly and well, realising that at all times they are ambassadors for Gippsland Grammar.

The following guidelines are intended to ensure that all members of our School are positive examples to each other and to the wider community.


Whistleblower Policy

Published: 2019

Status: Current


The purpose of the Whistleblower Policy to protect those who come forward to disclose improper or corrupt conduct by employees, members of the School’s Executive, Board members or contractors.

This policy is intended to encourage Board members, and staff (paid and volunteer) to report suspected or actual misconduct and unethical behaviour.