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Outdoor Education Department

Term 3 was an exciting term in Outdoor Education, with the Year 9 Alpine Program and Year 7 Big Day Out.  

With the best snow season since 1992, our Year 9 students experienced the alpine country at its best. Blue skies and 50cm of snow made for an interesting first day digging in camp, followed by wind and 20cm of snow overnight, making conditions ideal for fresh powder skiing. The crisp clear nights made staying warm a challenge, with the temperature dropping to -9 overnight, and many students waking to frozen ski boots and water bottles. The spectacular sunrises however, brought smiles to their faces. 


The first couple of days were spent developing and consolidating skills with students learning how to snow plough, stop and step turn. Day three saw the students head out on the trails exploring the alpine environment on their skis. Students visited Paw Paw and Wire Plains, experiencing skiing in a treeless environment for the first time and enjoying the opportunity to ski freely in any direction.  

The Alpine Program is a test of character and stamina and the Year 9 cohort should be proud of their efforts. The way they worked together to get the hard jobs done; setting up the camp kitchen, supporting each other when they fell over multiple times, helping a friend to tie up the frozen shoelaces on ski boots or just doing the dishes. The students were there having a go and trying their hardest. Well done! 


From one end of the spectrum to another: Year 7 students have just returned from our Big Day Out at Licola Wilderness Village, which is an introduction to the Outdoor Education Program. The day is filled with activities designed to build teamwork and initiative through overcoming challenges and is a taster for what is to come in future years. At the end of the day, the students return tired, a little bit sore and wearing big smiles, looking forward to sharing the experience with family and friends.  

Shamis Law 
Acting Head of Outdoor Education