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Outdoor Education Department

Snow, snow and more snow! It’s been an exciting term in Outdoor Education in the Year 9 Alpine Program. With another year of fantastic snow cover, the Year 9 students encountered the alpine country at its best. Their experience was enriched by the array of weather conditions, ranging from blue skies to huge snow dumps.


The first two days were spent learning to snowplough to a stop and step turning, allowing students to develop new skills and consolidate previous learning. Day three saw the students head out on the trails to explore the alpine environment on their skis. Students Visited Paw Paw and Wire Plain, experiencing skiing in a treeless environment for the first time and enjoying the ability to ski in any direction freely.


The Alpine Program is a test of character and stamina. The Year 9 cohort should be proud of their efforts, particularly the way they worked together to get the hard jobs done, like setting up the camp kitchen, supporting each other when they fell over multiple times, helping a friend to tie up the frozen shoelaces on ski boots or just doing the dishes. The students had a go at everything and tried their hardest. Well done!


We are now focused on getting ready to take the Year 7’s on their Big Day Out next week, a day filled with outdoor education skills, like initiative and team building and challenge activities. It is a taster for what is to come in the next few years. We cannot wait to see what this group can achieve together next week!



Cass Booth
Head of Outdoor Education