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Physical Education and Health Department

Physical Education and Health at Gippsland Grammar is more than just playing games. We aim to give our students the knowledge and positive experiences that will encourage them to be fit and healthy members of our community. We do this by giving our students the opportunity to experience and learn the skills needed in a variety of sports, games and activities.


In Health, an ongoing theme is the three elements of health; physical, social and emotional. As we look at a range of topics including nutrition, relationships and risk taking, we explore how they will impact on the three element of Health. Classwork in Health can include any number of approaches including role plays, research projects, videos, demonstrations and quite often class and small group discussions. This allows the students to reflect how the material being covered in class relates specifically to them.


What’s being happening in Physical Education & Health?


Year 7 classes have been studying risk taking and decision making in Health. This has given them the chance to look at the choices they make and how they can have positive and negative consequences on their development. In Physical Education, classes have spent most of Term 3 improving basketball skills. We look forward to some of the students putting these improved skills into practice during tryouts for the upcoming SEISA Basketball competition. The Year 7 classes will follow this up with a unit of rowing, where they will be introduced to the basic skills and how the Rowing program is organised at the School.


Year 8 classes began Term 3 challenging themselves in the unit of Circuit Training where they discovered how easy it can be to set up a basic training session using minimal equipment. Circuit Training has been followed up with a unit of Striking/Fielding sports to compare and contrast the various skills and tactics used in sports like Cricket and Softball. Health classes this term have been spent looking at legal and illegal drugs and the effects these can have on individuals and society.


Year 9 classes have been working their way through their ‘My Favourite Sport’ projects where the students are required to plan and implement a lesson for the rest of the class based around a sport or activity of their choice. This has provided the students with an opportunity to improve their presentation skills, while being introduced to a wide variety of activities that are available to them in their community. Health lessons in Term 3 have been used to look at the topic of healthy relationships.


Year 10 students have been engaged in a number of different sports. Term 3 has consisted of an ongoing intra class competition with sports including the following: Lacrosse, Indoor Soccer and Hockey, Handball, Floorball and Basketball. This has provided some students with the opportunity trial a new sport, while providing others with the opportunity to show some leadership within their class.


Chris Ray

Head of Physical Education and Health