Policies and Guidelines | Gippsland Grammar

Policies and Guidelines

After School Care Policy

Published: 2018

Status: Current


This policy applies to the ASC programs at St Anne’s and Bairnsdale Campuses. Gippsland Grammar After School Care is open to all Gippsland Grammar students from ELC Reception to Year 6. Bairnsdale Campus After School Care is located in the James Beard Centre. St Anne’s Campus After School Care is located on the southern side of St Anne’s main school building. The St Anne’s After School Care program is run by Sherpa Kids Gippsland with the service name Sherpa Kids Grammar. Therefore, the program is run under the policy and procedures of Sherpa Kids Gippsland and this policy reflects this. Both After School Care services operates Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during school terms.


Building Respectful Relationships Policy

Published: 2020

Status: Current


Our five core values (Compassion, Leadership, Excellence, Respect and Responsibility) underpin all aspects of life at Gippsland Grammar and as such are at the heart of our approach to managing student behaviour and respectful relationships.


Gippsland Grammar’s Academic Care educational model clearly sets out our holistic and whole school approach to education. This Policy aims to ensure that relationships are consistent with and contribute to the interconnected strands of Academic Care; namely Wellbeing, Curriculum and Teaching & Learning.


Child Safety Standards

Published: 2020

Status: Current


Gippsland Grammar (the School) is committed to protecting its students from all aspects of harm, and has established strategies, practices, policies and procedures to uphold this commitment.


The School takes a zero tolerance approach to any behaviours that jeopardise student safety (including child abuse and reportable conduct). The School regards its child safety responsibilities with the utmost importance, and strives to deliver an academic care model that promotes the School’s core values of compassion, leadership, excellence, respect and responsibility.


Enrolment Policy

Published: 2011

Status: Current


Gippsland Grammar has an open entry policy, offering places without priority with regard to race, religion, gender or ability.  

  • Allocation of Places (prep - Year 12)
  • Allocation of Places (Early Learning Centre)
  • Waiting Lists Indicative Class sizes


Grievance Procedure

Published: 2020

Status: Current


This document provides clear and transparent information to the School community about how concerns and complaints by parents and students about the School, staff conduct, or a student’s education and/or wellbeing, can be made, will be managed, and will be resolved.