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Policies and Guidelines

Enrolment Policy

Published: 2022

Status: Current


Gippsland Grammar has an open entry policy, offering places without priority with regard to race, religion, gender or ability.  

  • Allocation of Places (prep - Year 12)
  • Allocation of Places (Early Learning Centre)
  • Waiting Lists Indicative Class sizes


Grievance Procedure

Published: 2020

Status: Current


This document provides clear and transparent information to the School community about how concerns and complaints by parents and students about the School, staff conduct, or a student’s education and/or wellbeing, can be made, will be managed, and will be resolved.


Homework Policy

Published: 2014

Status: Current


Gippsland Grammar’s Homework Policy – A guide for parents and students.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Published: 2021

Status: Current


The School Board and Executive Leadership Team are committed to providing a safe working environment through the implementation of risk management and reduction strategies that are integrated into all school activities. A consultative, co-operative approach between employees and management on OH&S issues is a key priority.

The school recognises that it has a responsibility to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe, with minimum risk to individual health and welfare. This responsibility extends to all employees, students, parents, contractors and other visitors to the School. Promotion and maintenance of a safe working environment is a responsibility shared by all members of the School community.


Privacy Policy

Published: 2019

Status: Current


This policy outlines Gippsland Grammar’s (“the School”) policy in how the School uses and manages personal information provided to or collected by it.