Principal | Gippsland Grammar



The final weeks of Term 3 and the beginning of Term 4 have proven to be an especially busy time as we continue planning for 2018 to ensure we have outstanding staff in place for the beginning of the new year.


Even with the hectic nature of this work, the last 24 hours have provided some of the wonderful moments that make my job the best job in the world. The next few weeks will be equally as exciting and engaging as we begin the farewell process for our Year 12 students and commence preparations for end of year celebrations.  


Our Year 12 students are eagerly preparing for their examinations and their final weeks at School. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sense of motivation and achievement my Year 12 class are developing as they discuss and debate the fine detail of their course and eagerly look forward to the next stage of their learning and improvement.  


This morning, those Year 12 students originally from St Anne’s and Bairnsdale campuses retraced their steps and returned to their junior campus for a final Farewell Fellowship with the junior students. It’s always a joy to watch these young adults reminisce and engage with their childhood as they take to the playground with the younger students for one last play.  


I was particularly privileged to be part of the Bairnsdale Celebration Day and Farewell Fellowship, which in addition to farewelling past students, commemorates the founding of this beautiful campus in Wy Yung. The theme for today’s fellowship was ‘growth of heart, mind and spirit.’ Elsie Pearce (Year 5) read the following quote to us: ‘With the beginning of a great and compassionate love comes the growth of one’s heart and, with that, a profound inner change. The way to opening the mind is often first through the heart. And once the mind and heart are open, so many things become possible.’ Our Bairnsdale students were able to showcase many examples of their learning journey this year to highlight the growth that has occurred and the impact this has had on them as young students.  


Following the Junior School fellowships, Year 12 students were invited to the Principal’s residence for a BBQ, hosted by the Old Scholars Association. This event is a symbolic welcome to the Old Scholars Association (OSA), as our students progress from current to past students. The OSA is a wonderful organisation that will connect our students to the Gippsland Grammar community for the rest of their lives. I would like to thank the Executive of the OSA for preparing the meal for the students and for making them feel so welcome. This event marks the beginning of the end for our Year 12’s as they embark upon a fortnight of fun, yet at times sad, farewells.  


Last night I was delighted to attend the annual Debating Dinner for those Garnsey students who are part of the School’s debating team. Our debating team has, once again, completed an outstanding year and achieved much in DAV, SEISA and local debating and public speaking competitions. I congratulate all members on their efforts and also Ms. Penelope Monger for her outstanding leadership of the team.