Principal | Gippsland Grammar



I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Lisa Burgess and the ELC team at our Bairnsdale Campus.


The ELC in Bairnsdale has again surpassed National Standards, achieving an ‘Exceeded’ on all seven indicators of the National Quality Framework in education and care. The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) audits all providers on a regular basis to evaluate their performance. 


This is an outstanding result and appropriately reflects the work of our ELC staff and the leadership of Lisa Burgess. We are very fortunate to have such an amazing team of teachers and co-educators at both of our ELCs in Sale and Bairnsdale; these reports reflect their passion for their role, their attention to detail and most importantly their care of the children in their classes.  


The education our students receive in our Early Childhood Centres provide the foundation to help them be the very best they can be as they journey through our School. This year’s graduating Year 12 class contains many students who began their education at the St Anne’s ELC in Sale. These students are fine, upstanding citizens of our School and the broader community whose positive journeys all began in our ELC. 


As I write this newsletter, I am excitedly awaiting our annual Spring Concert at Garnsey, to be performed tonight in the Wellington Entertainment Centre. Tonight’s concert will be a wonderful representation of a full year’s work for our Music Department and will also build on the other great performances we have been privileged to attend earlier this year.  


I wish all of our musicians well. A particular shout out to Mr Goss for his first Spring Concert.