Principal | Gippsland Grammar



As many of our families would already be aware, Gippsland Grammar is a member of the South Eastern Independent Schools Association (SEISA). This organisation provides our competition and participation for Sport and cultural events throughout the year. Garnsey students participate in sport on most Thursdays and students from Years 5-12 have opportunities to represent the School at SEISA athletics, cross-country and swimming events. SEISA also conduct events in debating and public speaking, theatre sports, music workshops, visual arts workshops, dance, surfing, girl’s football and golf. It is a young and developing organisation, which is growing with the Schools that participate.

Last weekend Ms Henry, Mr Nicholas and I were fortunate to help organise and run the annual SEISA leadership weekend. This is a weekend for the senior leaders or prefects from each school to come together to develop their leadership skills and form a network of school leaders. Most of the workshops for the weekend were conducted by Chris Beckman, our Business Manager, who is an expert on contemporary leadership and behaviour research. We also had an opportunity to relax and participate in a Darren McCubbin, Murder Mystery. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.”

The weekend was a great opportunity for all of the students to learn about themselves, the behaviour of others and the development of teams. They completed behavioural profile surveys, learnt about different behaviour types, public speaking and goal setting. All of the students were pushed to think deeply about their impact on the culture of each School: What can they do individually and collectively to create a positive impact on culture? All the students were asked to reflect on their behaviour, their language and their actions as role models.  

Leadership is one of our School values and as I mentioned at School Assembly on Monday, we all have the capacity to display leadership at various stages in our life. We are called upon to act as leaders on almost a daily basis. Do we understand these leadership opportunities and how do we react to them? Our values as a person will generally determine how we respond to different situations.

As a School, we have set a goal to develop Gippsland Grammar leadership principles that support our School values and are explicitly taught to all students from kindergarten to Year 12. A consistent and coherent approach to our language and our actions will help students develop their understanding of leadership, continuously and consistently throughout their time at the School.

I look forward to sharing this journey with our School community over the upcoming years. I also look forward to watching our young leaders develop in understanding and character as they journey through Gippsland Grammar.