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At Gippsland Grammar, we value the community connectedness that has been a positive aspect of our School for so many years. Many of our parents, grandparents and guardians are actively involved in the ‘life of our school’ through volunteering, assisting with the many and varied opportunities we offer our students.

From a personal perspective, I have thoroughly enjoyed my contact with other parents through the McColl Club and STAGGFAIR. My interactions with others by the side of a river, or while cooking sausages at STAGFAIR, have always been incredibly enjoyable and satisfying.

I know that many parents and guardians currently volunteer in many different roles and there will be other parents or guardians who may be interested in volunteering in the future. To ensure that our students are safe, it is imperative that we comply at all times with Victorian legislation, in particular, Ministerial Order 870, the Child Safe Standards. As part of these requirements, it is mandated that all volunteers, third party contractors and adults that come into direct contact with our students hold a current Working with Children Check and have completed training in the Gippsland Grammar Child Safe Program.

To assist in making this process as manageable as possible, all current and potential volunteers are able to register as a volunteer and complete the training using our online modules, coordinated by our Compliance Officer, Mrs Leanne Heywood.

To complete our online registration, visit our website and click on the ‘About us’ tab; then open the child safe standards tab and complete the volunteer registration form.

When completing your application, you will be asked what type of volunteer you are applying for: Direct or Indirect.


Direct Contact Volunteers

All Direct Contact Volunteers, as defined in this policy, are required to be familiar with the content of our Child Protection and Safety Policy and our Child Safety Code of Conduct and their legal obligations with respect to the reporting of child abuse. This is achieved through completion of the 8 Child safety training modules.

Direct Contact Volunteers are those volunteers that are involved in providing support, guidance and supervision directly to students and could potentially have direct unsupervised contact with students during the normal course of providing the volunteer service.

Examples of Direct Contact Volunteer activities may include volunteers involved in School camps and excursions, coaching sporting teams or assisting in learning activities.

It is each individual’s responsibility to be aware of key risk indicators of child abuse, to be observant, and to raise any concerns they may have relating to child abuse with one of the School’s Child Protection Officers.


Indirect Contact Volunteers

Indirect Contact Volunteers (or 'indirect volunteers') are those volunteers who are involved in providing support and services whilst not directly assisting a specific group of students. Indirect contact volunteers are not responsible for supervising students and would not have "unsupervised" contact with students during the normal course of providing the volunteer service.

All indirect volunteers are responsible for contributing to the safety and protection of children in the School environment.

All indirect volunteers are required by the School to be familiar with our Child Protection and Safety Policy and our Child Protection Program.

Examples of Indirect Contact Volunteer activities may include assisting with School functions, or the School canteen and fundraising barbeques; attending School excursions without taking responsibility for the supervision of students.

Once you have submitted your application you will be allocated the modules of training (for direct volunteers only) or your application will be acknowledged and recorded on our data base (providing you have ticked that you have read and understood our child safe policy and our child safe code of conduct). Your registration as a volunteer will be valid for 12 months. At that time you will be asked to renew your training and registration.   

I appreciate the effort that is required with this process. I wish to reassure you that it is not the Schools intent to deter members of our community from volunteering; we want to encourage volunteers and engagement with the School.

The policies and procedures we have developed and implemented ensure that the School fulfils our responsibilities and compliance with Ministerial Order 870; however, our ultimate aim is to develop a child safe culture and ensure that are students are always protected.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any concerns or questions.

Our full program and policies are available on Complispace via our website.


David Baker