Principal | Gippsland Grammar



Last Saturday we conducted our Scholarship testing day for students wishing to apply for Scholarships in 2019. This was well attended and many students from Years 5-10 attended and sat our Scholarship tests. Whilst for the students the thought of sitting an exam for three hours on a Saturday morning may not be overly appealing, the parents had an opportunity to meet our Prefects and enjoy a tour of Garnsey.


This is usually a very positive event and an occasion where we can show off our School and in particular, be proud of our Prefects. I watched in awe as each of our Prefects introduced themselves to the audience in a confident and very articulate manner. With very little prompting from myself or the School, they can describe their journey through Gippsland Grammar and then show the parents around their School.


The Prefects are normally the stars of this occasion and I often forget how impressive they are until I hear them speak so naturally on the day. We hear them speak at assemblies and other occasions and Ms Henry and Mr Nicholas have spent time with them discussing and practicing public speaking, yet I am still amazed at how well they spoke.


I enjoy this day as it gives me a sense of pride when I speak about our School and show people around and it is always a good reminder for our purpose or our mission. It is the development of young people and the magnificent manner in which they grow in confidence and character. Whilst it was the Prefects who shone on Saturday, I could have asked hundreds of students to represent the School at this event and I am sure that they all would have had the same impact. As a teacher and Principal, my sense of pride is with regard to the young men and women who attend Gippsland Grammar every day.


As I mentioned to the parents, with students such as this, I am the most fortunate Principal on our planet.


I would like to thank all of the 2018 Prefect Group who attended on Saturday for their time and their passion. I would also like to thank our Registrar, Mrs Coran Johnson for perfectly organising this event.