Principal | Gippsland Grammar



Community involvement was well and truly ‘on show’ last week at STAGGFAIR. While the weather dampened the event, it was still a successful day with many families attending and members of our community assisting in lots of different ways. The Dye Hard Fund Run, in particular, was a huge success. Many of our students, parents and friends ran the distance and walked away much brighter for it! It was a fun and active way to start the day.

While STAGGFAIR is primarily a Parents and Friends event aimed at raising funds for small projects across the School, the real value for this event is the community involvement. Families from across our community come together to work towards a common cause. Events such as this strengthen our community bonds, build relationships and ultimately connect people to our School. All of these outcomes are invaluable and enhance the wellbeing of the School.

I love being involved in STAGGFAIR; this year I had the opportunity to work with parents, staff and students on the ‘hot spud’ and Dim Sim stands. While I needed some guidance regarding the cooking and preparing of the products, I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to members of the community as they wandered through the quadrangle, and to spend time with other parents working on the stands. It was great fun and I’m told we sold the best ‘hot spuds’ in the world!

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the organisation and running of STAGGFAIR 2018. In particular, I would like to thank Jan Henry, Lyn Matthews and Coran Johnson for bringing together all of our helpers who assisted on the day. I would also like to thank the members of the P&F who worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was well organised on the day.

I look forward to reporting on the final funds raised and they will be used to improve our School.