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Last week the School’s Association and the Board of Directors conducted their AGM at Garnsey Campus. Those in attendance at the Association AGM heard presentations from the Chair of the Gippsland Grammar Board- Mr Bill Jones, the Chair of the Board’s Audit Committee- Mr Brendan Shepherd, our Business Manager and Company Secretary- Mr Chris Beckman, and myself. Discussion included minor changes to the Constitution to create a more gender friendly document.


At the Board AGM, Mr Bill Jones was elected as the Chair of the Gippsland Grammar Board of Directors and Mrs Vicki McLeod as the Deputy Chair. As a School, we are fortunate to have such a dedicated and experienced Board. The Board has direct oversight of the Governance of our School, as well as specific responsibility for appointing the Principal, the Business Manager and ensuring that the School continues to be an ongoing entity well into the future.


Our Board members are generally representatives of the different community groups that exist within the School, particularly the Parents and Friends, Old Scholars and The School’s Foundation. While they represent the interests of these groups, their ultimate fiduciary duty is to the School and the continued success of Gippsland Grammar. Our Board members bring a broad range of skills and experiences to their roles; all attend either Governance or Audit meetings on a monthly basis. We should feel incredibly blessed to be able to have such a cohesive and capable group of people leading our School.

As well as regular meetings, Board members also participate in an annual professional development program to develop their governance skills and assist in the development of the Schools strategic direction. In 2017, the Board was fortunate to hear from Jeremy Kirkwood, Chair of the Geelong Grammar Board, John Somerset- educational finance expert and our researchers from the University of Melbourne Sophie Murphy and Luke Mandouit. These presentations assist Board members to further their understanding of good governance, financial literacy and contemporary education.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank and recognise the wonderful work of our Directors and the great support they offer me, and the School in general.


Mr Bill Jones- Board Chair

Mrs Vicki McLeod- Deputy Board Chair

Mr Mike Oram

Dr Valerie Shaw

Mr Ken Anderson

Ms Val Jones

Mr Brendan Shepherd

Ms Kate Young

Ms Alison Hamilton (retiring April 2018)

The Very Reverend Susanna Pain

The Very Reverend Philip Muston (acting on behalf of the Anglican Bishop of Gippsland)