Principal | Gippsland Grammar



I recently caught up with another Principal from our region regarding general education issues and leadership of Schools. Towards the end of our chat, he turned to me and asked if I enjoy my job. My answer was an emphatic yes. My role as Principal provides me with some of the most satisfying and enjoyable moments that anyone could ever experience in their professional life. This last week has provided many examples. They occur every year and always leave me with a sense of pride and joy as I watch Gippsland Grammar students flourishing within the life of our School.

Last week and again yesterday, our athletics team competed at both the SEISA and ICCES competitions. While I was not fortunate enough to attend ICCES yesterday, I did spend some time at the SEISA event last week. Gippsland Grammar won the SEISA event by a significant margin and finished second in the ICCES event. This is a great result considering the larger size of most of the schools involved. While the results are very satisfying and a great testament to the efforts of our students and our magnificent staff under the leadership of Jenny Dyke, it is the manner in which our students present themselves that gives me the greatest sense of pride. They are motivated, friendly and always humble in victory. Every year staff from the other Schools comment on the wonderful students we have at our School and the great culture that is competitive, yet respectful.

On Wednesday night, many of our community were treated to the annual Autumn Concert. As a parent and Principal, I found myself, once again, filled with a sense of pride as I watched the performances of our students with awe. Our very talented students were engaged, motivated and committed to the task of preparing for this event and the end results was magnificent. I would like to congratulate the students and all of the music staff for the tireless hours spent rehearsing and refining their performances for Wednesday evening. I would also like to thank and congratulate Mr Matt Goss for his outstanding leadership of the Performing Arts at Gippsland Grammar. I cannot wait to see this year’s Garnsey production, ‘Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind’ at the Stratford Courthouse on Saturday night. I am also looking forward to St Anne’s production of ‘Aladdin’ later in May. 

While these were all great events and incredibly enjoyable, the thing that gave me the greatest joy this week occurred while I was showing my colleague Principal around the School on Tuesday afternoon. As we walked through a quiet and predominantly empty schoolyard, a Year 8 student came rushing through the yard on his way home and stopped to tell me that he had won the Junior SEISA debating competition. His face was beaming and it was obvious that he was filled with a great sense of achievement and joy. This result will stay with him for a long time and hopefully encourage him to pursue his passion in the future. His sense of joy was a wonderful reminder of the reason we exist as a School.

I would like to congratulate and thank the Bairnsdale staff, students and parents for this weeks ‘Open Week.’ It was a great opportunity to share our School with the wider community and to ‘show off’ this beautiful campus and the great education that offer our Gippsland Grammar students.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the rain.