Principal | Gippsland Grammar



I would like to take this opportunity to wish our families a safe and enjoyable midyear break. It has been pleasing to read our student reports and the majority of our students have worked very hard this semester to achieve some excellent results. I know that all of our students and families are looking forward to a well-earned break.


We will introduce our new Learning Management System, VOS, when our students return next semester. Over the next 12 months, VOS will gradually replace our current portal and enhance the learning experience for our students and, ultimately, the visibility of student learning for parents. We have chosen to call the new system VOS as it has a literal link to our school motto, Veritas Liberabit Vos - ‘The truth will set you free.’ Within this statement, VOS is Latin for ‘you’. This represents perfectly the purpose of the new LMS, which is to enhance and personalise the learning experience of every student.


As of Term 3, our students will begin accessing VOS for their daily learning needs and general information. I look forward to working with our students and teachers as part of this implementation phase. I am also excited about the improved communication channels that VOS will create for parents in 2019.


I would like to take this opportunity to farewell the staff who are leaving us at the end of this term:


Ms Megan Wills (Parental leave)

Mrs Katie Germaine (Parental leave)

Mr De Keersmaeker (Long service leave)

Mrs Jen Gaskill (Long service leave)

Mrs Tomomi Wynne

Ms Clare Prajouxny

Have a wonderful holiday.