Principal | Gippsland Grammar



It has been great to welcome our students back to School after the mid-year holidays. As I mentioned to the St Anne’s students earlier in the week, it was wonderful to see their happy and engaged faces. I appreciated the cheerful manner in which they greeted each other and me.  


Our students were introduced to VOS during their classes this week, as we begin a six-month transition period for them to begin accessing, becoming familiar with and eventually completing assessment with VOS. The major differentiator between our current portal and VOS will be the impact VOS will have on student learning and understanding. Our focus throughout this implementation is to ensure that VOS positively enhances the learning of all of our students. It will do this through explicit intentionality and, in time, through more targeted and frequent feedback. Our teachers have been working hard to ensure that VOS is a place that guides student learning and gives our students clear indicators of success. The students I spoke to were very positive about their first interactions and we look forward to gathering their feedback and tweaking the system during Semester 2.


This week we also welcomed our first group of Chinese students from Shanghai. The six students who are now living in the Boarding House will be completing their VCE during the next 18 months, while experiencing our warm and inclusive Gippsland Grammar culture. They have enjoyed their first week and have settled in well. During the September holidays, three of these students have requested to stay in the Gippsland region. As such, I will be seeking expressions of interest from families who would like to act as holiday homestay hosts. This is slightly different from our usual homestay arrangements with our guests from Japan and France, as holiday homestay placements involve a financial payment from the student’s family. If you are interested in hosting a Chinese student during the September break, please contact our Registrar, Coran Johnson, on 5143 6388.


I would like to wish all of our families every success for the term ahead. In particular, I would like to offer my support to our Year 12 students as they approach the end of their secondary school life.