Principal | Gippsland Grammar



I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our students back for the final term of 2018.


Term 4 is traditionally a very busy term, with many activities and functions. It is a time to celebrate the year we have had, to challenge ourselves through our learning and to muster our resources for the run home to the end of the year.


Term 4 is also a time to say goodbye - for now – as we prepare to farewell our Year 12 cohort. It is a time of reflection and mixed emotions as these students prepare for their final exams and life after school.

I have always found it interesting to observe the fine line between sadness and happiness at this time of year.


Today I attended both St Anne’s and Bairnsdale Fellowships with those Year 12 students who had attended these campuses in their junior years. The students reflected on their School journey, went looking for their favourite teacher and their favourite places at each campus. They laughed and even shed a tear as they watched old videos and photos. Those who had attended St Anne’s opened the letters they had written to themselves when they were in Year 6.


The junior students were in awe of these giants from the Senior School, who only six short years previously had sat where they were sitting.  


We will formally celebrate the Year 12s time at the School with the Valedictory Dinner later in the term. This is always a wonderful night to recognise everyone who has been part of the journey of our Year 12s and to relax in each other’s company after the stress and busyness of exams.  


Throughout the term, our other students will also enjoy their own journey towards the end of the year, firstly as observers, then as participants in their own exams and challenges and, finally, as members of our School community as we come together to celebrate on Celebration Evening and during Junior School graduations.


Term 4 is a time of celebration, appreciation, challenge and change. We need to enjoy every moment, take the opportunity to demonstrate what we have learned and then offer a genuine and heartfelt ‘see you later’ – rather than goodbye - to those who are leaving us this year.


Have a great term.