Principal | Gippsland Grammar



This week, our students treated us to a wonderful Spring Concert at The Wedge in Sale. Their commitment to their performances, combined with great talent, was amazing. I loved the manner in which the students interacted with each other and their teachers on the night, everyone assisting and supporting each other. This was also evident in the varied age span of our ensembles and the participation of staff in some of the performances. Most importantly, the students all appeared to be having a great time and enjoying making music.


Our Year 12 students starred in a rousing finale of ‘This is me’ from the ‘The Greatest Showman’. The evening provided a great example of that fine line between happiness and sadness, as we farewelled our Year 12 music students and listened to them speak so passionately about their teachers. Many tears and much emotion accompanied their farewell speeches and we wish them well with their future music careers.  


I congratulate Mr Goss, his dedicated staff and our wonderful music students on a very special evening.   


Today we continued our farewells for our Year 12 students with a BBQ at the Principal’s residence, hosted by the Old Scholars Association. The final day of School for Year 12 is next week. Garnsey students will have the opportunity to farewell them on Wednesday at a student led chapel service, after which the school leavers will run through a banner prepared by our Year 7 students. Once again, these events are tinged with sadness; we will shed a tear, but we will also share much laughter. I am looking forward to officially thanking this year’s graduates for their ongoing leadership of the School.