Principal | Gippsland Grammar



What a week it has been for Gippsland Grammar. We formally farewelled our Year 12s on Wednesday as they enjoyed their last official day as students. As always, this is a wonderful day for the School as we share some fun, reflect on the individual journeys of the students, celebrate our time together, share a final time of worship and finally applaud them as they run through an honour guard and beautifully prepared banner.


What I like most about this day is the involvement of all Garnsey students. The morning chapel service is a farewell from younger students to the Year 12s and particularly involves those students who have siblings that are departing. A final song by the Year 11 students is a moving moment before the Year 12s light their candles and recess out of the Hall. The afternoon assembly is a fun moment, where the Year 12s perform for the other students, sharing humorous stories, photos and videos.  


Last night we also farewelled our year 12 Boarders with the Blackwood House Valedictory Dinner. We enjoyed a meal with the students and their families, listened to an individual farewell for each student and finally wished them well for their upcoming studies and life after school.


Through the busy nature of Term 4, this week has been a great opportunity to stop, reflect and appreciate the individuals who make up our graduating class and the contributions they have made to the School. Each of them has their own unique story to tell and will have been affected by Gippsland Grammar in some positive manner. They will miss each other and the younger students at our School and I am know, deep down, they will miss their time at Gippsland Grammar. Their affection will likely mature and strengthen with the passing of years, just as it has for the Class of 1978 alumni, who I will join in the Chapel at Garnsey Campus on Saturday for their 40 Year School reunion.


As Principal, I am proud of the young adult that each of our Year 12s has become. They are truly magnificent young women and men and I wish them well as they start the next, very exciting stage of their lives. We look forward to welcoming them back in the years to come.


Veritas Liberabit Vos