Principal | Gippsland Grammar



I was recently asked if I was winding down at work as we approach the end of the year. My answer was a resounding no!


Every year we farewell staff and students as they move onto new adventures in their lives and new beginnings. This year we will be farewelling the staff that I have listed below, as well as our much-loved Gap students, who have been so important to our School this year.


Since September, the Executive team and I have been very busy with recruitment for 2019. This has involved sorting through the many applications we have had for each position, interviewing and reference checking. We have met some amazing candidates and I look forward to announcing most of our appointments in the upcoming weeks.


To the staff listed below, I would like to thank them for the contribution they have made to Gippsland Grammar and wish them well in their future careers. I know that some of them will be returning in future years and, for others, I am excited about the future leadership opportunities that await them at other schools.


For Mr Mesaric, Mrs Davis and Mrs Crowe, I wish them well as they begin their retirement. This is a very exciting time in their lives as they all leave to take on new and exciting challenges. Having the time to do what you would like, when you like, is a dream that we all hope to experience some day. I congratulate them on their careers and wish them well for the next phase of their lives.  


I look forward to formally farewelling each staff member at the end of this year.


Staff leaving:

  • Penny Monger (Garnsey)
  • Julie Cannon (Garnsey)
  • Michaela O’Connor (Garnsey)
  • Richard Ogilvie (Garnsey)
  • Frank Mesaric- retiring (Garnsey)
  • Robyn Davis-retiring (Garnsey)
  • Annie Crowe -retiring (Bairnsdale)
  • Eri Shinagawa (Garnsey)
  • Serena Jefferis (Bairnsdale)


Staff taking leave:

  • Richard Macaulay-12 months (Garnsey)
  • Louise Hulls –12 months parental leave (St Anne’s)
  • Amy Laverty-12 months Parental leave (St Anne’s)
  • Justeen Hahn- 6 months Long Service Leave (Garnsey)