Principal | Gippsland Grammar



Earlier this week we held our inaugural Twilight School event at our Bairnsdale Campus. The weather was kind and the campus looked wonderful. Mrs Evans and the team at Bairnsdale prepared a series of activities and lessons for our parents and students. The event was a great opportunity for our students to showcase their learning and demonstrate their depth of understanding. It was great to see so many parents enjoying lessons with their children and participating in the activities. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to watch and be part of music, ICT, Maths and literacy classes. I even managed a few moments of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment.

While I enjoyed all the activities (and the BBQ!), my favourite was programming the Lego robots to move around the thinking dome. With no experience and only some brief instructions from our students, I managed to move the robot in a particular direction, turn it around and bring it back. Not bad for a novice. Thank you to Thomas and Edward for their patience and clear instructions.

As always, I enjoyed watching our students perform music. The Year 3/4 Strings were magnificent with their correct bowing techniques and use of staccato. It was lovely to have a string quartet from Garnsey Campus also in attendance – a great example for our junior students of where their musical journey can lead.


Thank you to Mrs Evans, the staff at Bairnsdale and Mr Goss for organising such a wonderful event.

This week I also attended the annual St Anne’s ELC Christmas Concert. This is always an exciting event - you are never sure what is going to happen next. I think our ELC teachers feel a little anxious as they guide and support our youngest students through their first public appearance, but this morning, in front of a large crowd of very proud parents, they were superb. Given their stage confidence at this early age, I cannot wait to see them when they are in Year 12. Thank you to Mrs Burgess and the ELC team for a wonderfully organised and orchestrated performance.

With just two weeks of term left, it has been pleasing to watch the Garnsey students rollover into their new year levels this week. After a long and difficult year, they have begun rollover with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement. Our new Year 12 students are looking very motivated (and a little bit overwhelmed), while our new Year 8 students are just happy not to be the youngest in the School anymore. It has been a delight to witness the way our new students have been welcomed into the School; I wish them all well for their time at Gippsland Grammar.